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Isabel Isabel Feb 27, 2016 11:43AM
This book is very interesting. Now that we are farther into the book, the author is making the plot more and more complex. Already the author is connecting this story to real life. The main character is having issues with Hassan, another character. Amir is going crazy and cannot take the tension anymore. Many times, as middle schoolers, we can problems with friends and in relationships with : parents, teachers, and a peer. Amir was too scared to stick up for his friend and ran away. we can also get scared when given the chance to stick up for a friend. Many times, in a way, we do run away. We get scared because we are afraid of being made fun of. However, sometimes were are making fun, just like Aseef. The author uses flash forward to describe Amir's life 10 yeas later. This flash forward has an effect on the story because it shows that time and the tension has passed, and the two characters have gone their separate ways. It creates a mood of sadness that after all this years of being friends, they never resolved their problem. What does everyone else think?

I think that what they both saw or experienced, was so painful, that they are unable to confront it even later. Such a great story about friendship, rich-poor, violence, power!

This book is unforgettable - the people, the scenes, the lessons learned. It's certainly one of a kind. The movie didn't do it justice. It's kind of like the book, The Grapes of Wrath, where the whole book leads up to an action or understanding that makes sense in the context. I couldn't end any other way and have the same impact.

Piyusha Vir Which movie was based on this book?
May 19, 2016 01:11PM

It was Khalid Hosseini who encouraged me to tell my story in Cheegha The Call. A true story from Waziristan.
"Our people are so innocent they seem stupid and so straight forward the seem arrogant"

I agree with what tenzin said. Now in our book, the author describes a party that Amir's father throws because he has won a special contest. There is joy and sadness. While everyone is partying, Amir sees Hassan serving drinks to Aseef and his parents( Aseef raped Hassan). The author uses this empathy to bring up conflicting motives and ask questions. By stirring empathy, we see a little into both characters minds. Amir: seeing this, feeling sorry for Hassan but doing nothing about it. Hassan: getting hurt and raped and standing there being an obedient servant.
There is another scene in the book that demonstrates this. When Amir and Hassan take a walk up to the tree they always play at, Amir throws a fruit at Hassan and tells him to throw it back at him. However, Hassan does not. Amir continues to throw fruit at him but he will not throw it back. Here, the author moves the reader into action by making comparisons between the two characters. This scene demonstrates Amir's longing for his old friend and Hassan's obedience.
These scenarios greatly connect to our everyday lives. Just like amir and Hassan have problems, so do we. Many times, we have conflicts with our parents, friends, teachers, and even family members. This is how we feelsometimes too. Amir and Hassan are like two different parts of us. We can be like Amir, who is furious and angry. Or, we can be like Hassan, like a lamb led to the slaughter.

Akhlaq (last edited Apr 21, 2016 03:17AM ) Apr 21, 2016 03:16AM   0 votes
I have been reading books (Novels to be specific) since more than 20 years ... and this was the first book which literally broke me down to tears. I mean I have cried watching movies but never while reading a book. This is where it happened ...

When Amir flies to Pakistan and meets Rahim Khan and reads the letter written by Hassan ... right after that, when Rahim narrates what had happened to Hassan and his Family after the Taliban started the massacre against Haraza people ... that page ... that scene ... it broke me down ... i had to put the book aside and silently kept shedding tears.

This has never happened before. The style of narrative is so honestly natural that it just sucks you into that world. You can not help but feel what the characters of the book are feeling.

I haven't read the next two books by Khaled Hosseni yet ... but if they are even anywhere near the brilliance of this book ... I would skip a beat or two to get my hands on those two books.

I feel as though in this book, the protagonist goes through a lot in he life. And through those experiences whether he makes a positive or a negative impact on others,his character was advancing greatly. I agree with why you have to say about him being scared and running away. When he was little he ran away from the problem but when he got older and moved to America with his father, he was hit with responsibilities and had to learn to face his problems instead of running away from it.

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