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lorien | 319 comments Hannibal walked inside the Mall with a slight bounce in his step as he led Albeny down the smooth marble floor. It felt like the last time he was here was ages ago but in actuality, it was really only a short week ago. So as they walked down the Mall with it's halls filled with all sorts of shops, Hannibal pointed out a very odd building with bright turquoise walls and black swirls painted on the outside with large windows. "C'mon. That place over there? That's the first that I've ever had an actually delicious dinner and I didn't have to pay a tip! Like, at all! So how cool is that?" He grinned like a boy who was about to be given candy as he held the door open for Albeny. "You should try and find a seat near the back, that way we can have our stuff faster." An easy trick his grandfather taught him whenever they ate out at a diner or restaurant.

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lorien | 319 comments "See where the waiters and waitresses are coming out?" Hannibal said, pointing over by an empty booth as food was being brought over to the customers. "That's close enough to the back and we can eat there if you want."

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lorien | 319 comments "Hm?" Hannibal grunted, looking up from his menu then at Albeny. His face quickly turned from happiness to concern for her. Should he have chosen a better spot? He then scooted over next to her and rubbed her back. "Hey, this is a Mall where you can meet all kinds of people everyday, even weird ones, trust me. But not everyone hates you. After all, we just walked inside and how do you know they don't like you?"

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lorien | 319 comments Hannibal still gave Albeny a crown but opened up the menu as he showed it to her. "You should definitely get the pulled pork sandwich, Unless fairies are vegetarians? They have plenty of burrito wraps too so you could have if you want! This place pretty much has everything. Just don't go too overboard since I am on a budget here." He said with a wink. Of course, he was paying with what money he had left but surely he could treat a friend out right?

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lorien | 319 comments Hannibal's eyes grew as big as saucers as she plopped the Daimon in his hand. He quickly looked around the restaurant without moving his head and whispered to her, "I can't take this Albeny. It's a pleasure to help you. You've been through a lot and all I want to do is help." Her kindness with this diamond was awfully tempting to just take but. . . Hannibal tucked it back into her hand saying softly, "You should have it back."

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lorien | 319 comments Hannibal still couldn't help but stare at Albeny with disbelief but quietly accepted her gift and whispered to her, "I'll be sure to do that once we're done here. And thank you." The fact that he was carrying a diamond was almost too hard to believe for Hannibal since he only ever saw diamonds in tv shows and movies. Having one in real life was definitely a lot different. "So, have you thought about what you would like to get?"

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lorien | 319 comments "Sounds like a plan to me," Hannibal said with a bright smile as he yelled for his order to no one in particular. "There we go. Now, you were saying something about "following" me. I truly wouldn't mind if you did. Since I am suppose to take care of you from here on out. An I do like your company so it's a win win for me."

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lorien | 319 comments "Oh please. The only way you could ever be a pest to me is if you dump a boot full of frogs on top of me. Let's just that that isn't pleasant at all," Hannibal said, recalling the memory. "As for payment. . . it isn't necessary since I could never ask a lady to pay for my meal. And don't worry about working for me. You don't have to do any of that stuff."

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lorien | 319 comments Hannibal thought a moment and nodded. "Very well. If you feel that strongly about it. . . I suppose you could help with chores and such. Although, I honestly don'f know if there'll be any." He chuckled. "I guess you'll need to think up of some work to do. I wouldn't mind some extra help." And with that, their food arrived with a pop! "They certainly are getting faster and faster each time I order," he remarked as he dug into his pulled pork sandwich. He gestured for Albeny to try it as well. "Trust me, you'll want as much goodness as you can."

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lorien | 319 comments "Well, if it didn't make you happy, I suppose we should've asked the cooks for a refund of our good, hard-earned money," Hannibal replied, finishing up his food with a gulp and washed it down with foot head that appeared for the table. He poured in a glass of the pop into Albeny's and gestured for her to drink some. "Trust me, you'll want to taste that. Even if it is the unhealthiest thing for you, you should still try it."

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lorien | 319 comments "Wow. She giggled. Now we're making progress," Hannibal said with a joking smile. He took a fairly large sip from his own glass, watching Albeny from the corner of his eye with amusement. "Alright, so on a scale from one to ten, one meaning the worst, ten meaning the best, how do you like the food so far?"

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lorien | 319 comments "Wow, a perfect, solid ten?" Hannibal said with his mouth agape. He reached over to put a hand on her forehead. "Are you feeling well Miss Albeny?" Chuckling, he said to her, "Not exactly. This was just a special dinner since I wanted to expose you to us humans' wonderful cuisine. Tomorrow we shall go for the meaty and delicious bits." His eyes lit up like a child about to have candy. "Hamburgers and fries with onion rings. You're in for a real treat- wait. Are you a vegetarian?"

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lorien | 319 comments ((Sorry! >.<))

"Psh. Got that right," Hannibal snorted as he watched her eat her food with a smile. "At least we got that out of the way. So I don't have to panic each time someone gives you some animal they cooked." He looked at the Ruby one last time before slipping it in his pocket carefully. "Oh I have no doubt about that. And thanks again, for the you-know-what. That'll help a ton!" Now the only left to do was finish up their meal and pay. Hannibal was already done with his and he waited for Albeny to be too.

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lorien | 319 comments ((Nobody? ^.^))

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lorien | 319 comments ((Woah! That's a big change! From being homeschooled to public? Mama. . . I hope you're doing well with it! ^.^))

"Oh goodie," Hannibal said with excitement, placing several bills of money on the table and cleaned his area up. It had to be a bother for the waiter or waitress to clean the table, so the least he could do was make it all tidy. When he was done, Hannibal tapped her nose. "Wanna walk around the mall? My family would always do that with me so I figured I'd better pass the tradition onto you!"

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lorien | 319 comments "I guess it's a good thing you have me, huh?" Hannibal said to Albany, scooting out of his chair and rising up. He quickly paid the meal with the money he had, not intending to use Albeny's gift. "Righteo!" He hooked his arm through hers and helped her out of her chair. "Onward and forward my dear, Watson!"

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lorien | 319 comments ((I actually don't know if it is. I do adore the Sherlock novels but I can't remember if he did say that to Watson. XD))

"Hm? No goodness, no. You'll blend in perfectly!" Hannibal assured her with a simple pat on her arm. "Everyone here has some sort of bizarre past and they all seem so strange to me. So I doubt a fairy would stick out."

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lorien | 319 comments "Oh, you know, the usual," Hannibal said to her, offering a wide smile. "Liiiiike, finding an ice-cream shop or a bookstore. Or just walking in the mall with no particular purpose in mind. I mean, it is rager enjoyable don't you think?"

((Gooood morning! ☺️))

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lorien | 319 comments Hannibal gave out a hearty laugh as he led her out of the restaurant and strolled throughout the mall. "Well, it's nothing compared with this but it does have wonderful attractions. Like, Disneyland, SeaWorld, ummm. . . Oh! And also great restaurants like Panda Express, Inn-N-Out, Culver's, and then, Rumbi!" His mouth began to salivate. "Mama. . . How I miss those places."

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lorien | 319 comments ((Right? It's 10:15 and I'm craving Panda at the moment. XD Orange chicken, chow mein. . .))

"Er, it's definitely not like Atlantis. More so like the marine animals come over on land, and then the humans take care of them. I actually only went there once with my dad. It was fantastic. We saw the legendary killer whale, Shamu, and everything. I still think the best part was watching the show with our Maruchan ramen packets." Sometimes, Hannibal wondered if he could go back or was he suppose to remain in the Haven WHAT with his ability? Could it be possible to travel back to his childhood places?

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