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message 1: by Holly, Owner Of Group (last edited Feb 27, 2016 09:35AM) (new)

Holly Sparks (hollygal123) | 54 comments Mod
Hey everyone!

Since we have so many wonderful members that have chosen so many incredible books for suggestions. We have taken into account some comments and thought about the main question.

'Is one book a month enough?'

Some of you guys want more and there's those of you that can't fit it in with your everyday lives. So we have thought up a solution to this question. Every month there will be a poll of five books. The winner of the poll is what everyone will be reading for the month, that gives all of you busy people a chance to read the whole book. For those of you who want more (and I don't blame you ;) ) You guys may chose another book from the list on the poll. Then we can get as many books read a month that we can because let's face it, there are too many to read and not enough time!

So once you guys have read the book of the month, left a review and your feedback, go on and choose another from the books on the poll of the month!! We'd love to hear what every book is like and you guys can discuss all the books in the Monthly Book Sharing Zone!

Thank you for getting involved everybody.

Holly x

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georgie_porgie | 2 comments Could we do another Book of the Month?

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