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100-word Drabble Fiction?

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message 1: by Drablr (new)

Drablr | 2 comments Last summer I created a new service specifically for 100-word drabble fiction. Since then we've had almost a thousand stories posted.

Writing drabbles is challenging because they must be exactly 100-words in length, but the quality of submissions to date has been very high.

If you'd like to give it a go, it's free to sign up, so just head on over to Drablr.com.

message 2: by H.c. (new)

H.c. Heartland (hcheartland) | 7 comments Thanks! I just signed up.

message 3: by Drablr (new)

Drablr | 2 comments Thanks for signing up HC. I'm looking forward to reading your stories :)

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