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Hallie (inkyhallie) Name: Alexandra Markov
Nickname(s): Sandra
Age: 16
Year: 5

Personality: Alexandra is a meticulous girl. She notices trivial things, has a perfect scenario, and annihilates everything which does not meet her draconian expectations. She is strict both on others, and on herself. She loves reading, and wants to become a writer. Her interests include blogging, time travel, astronomy, and literature.
History: Alexandra is the only daughter of Patrick and Ariadne Markov. Ever since she was small, she was always the stringent person she is. Her parents spoilt her a bit, and she was to inherit everything, including this academy.

When she was 13, someone who had an eye for the Markov wealth, tried to kidnap her. Unfortunately for the, Sandra happened to have a pen-knife with her, and she did a good job injuring them. She escaped without any harm, and did not have to pay ransom either. This made her carry a pen-knife everywhere she goes.
Others: She is the granddaughter of the Headmistress.

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Hallie (inkyhallie) Name: Grace Swan
Nickname(s): None
Age: 12
Year: 1
House: Diamond
Nationality: American

Personality: Grace is a dumb girl. She isn't really clever, and is always bottom at class. She is sceptical, and always suspicious of people, but if she is good friends with someone, it is different. She hates the sight of her half-brother, and any accomplice of his. She is mean, and likes putting others into trouble.
History: Grace is related to Gray Andersen through her mother. She married her father, and had her, and hence, Gray becomes her step-brother. She never liked Gray, and it increased when he murdered a girl in front of her eyes. Then he tried to lure her to murder, but that failed.
Others: She is friends with Lorrie.

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Hallie (inkyhallie) Name: Samuel Joseph
Nickname(s): Sam, Sammy
Age: 14
Year: 4
House: Ruby
Nationality: American

Personality: Sam is a lazy boy when it comes to studies. He absolutely abhors homework. He is not punctual- he never shows up during classes. He is a sporty person, and full of energy. He is like an atom when he is doing something he likes. His hobbies comprise of flirting, playing pranks, being lazy, skipping classes, etc.
History: Samuel lead a normal life. His parents aren't rich, but aren't poor either. Hence, he lived a life playing with other children. Ever since he was small, he has always adored basket-ball players. He started playing when he was 7, and wants to join the team. However, his life wasn't that fun; he was an only child, and always yearned for a younger sibling- particularly, a sister. But his wish is finally true- the child is due to be born soon.
Others: He hates Alexandra because she is rich.

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Hallie (inkyhallie) Name: Amanda Rivers
Nickname(s): Amy
Age: 13
Year: 2
Nationality: British

Personality: Amanda is a sweet girl. She is kind and benevolent. She loves reading. She is studious, and usually cheerful. She isn't very talkative, but she can go one chattering for hours, and if permitted- days. She is sceptical, and once someone is her enemy, he/she remains her foe for the rest of eternity.
History: Amanda was a hockey player, and loved playing it. But then, she was a little anti-social. One day, she met a girl named Greta, and they became friends when they discovered that they shared the same interests. One day, she noticed that Greta was with some delinquents. She suspected that they were demanding money, and rushed to help her. Unfortunately, it was a trap. Greta was their leader, and was furious since Amanda thought she was weak. The delinquents were ordered to beat her, and they had just begun when Amanda found a hockey stick and lashed back. She hurt all of them, including Greta, and never played hockey again.
Others: Her new favourite sport is tennis.

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Hallie (inkyhallie) Name: Lavender Brown
Nickname(s): Lavvie
Age: 60

Occupation: Headmistress
Personality: Lavender is kind and gentle. She likes children a lot. But when they have to be serious, she can be critical. She values discipline and order. She isn't very good at administration, and hence, her grand-daughter, the mean Alexandra Markov helps her.
History: Lavender was the youngest among her siblings. She was really poor, and her siblings could not get much education. They only knew the basics. However, Lavvie somehow managed to get a scholarship, and decided to start a school in the future. Later, her daughter married a rich man, and with the help of her son-in-law's father, she started this school.

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Hallie (inkyhallie) Name: Lyon Young
Nickname(s): None
Age: 30- young, isn't he
Appearance: [image error]
Occupation: Music teacher
Personality: Lyon is a strict person when it concerns music. Other ways, he behaves politely, and likes children. He is sort of biased, and those who are good at music are favoured by him. He loves music, and plays almost all the instruments. However, the violin is his favourite.
History: Lyon grew up in a middle class family. His parents were neither rich, nor poor. He was their second-born, and his younger brother was always his dear brother. He always played instruments, and his brother loves listening to then. One day, his brother asked why Beethoven was so famous. Lyon explained to him, but another question arose in his brother's mind. "Well then, why are you not famous?"his brother asked. From then on, he decided to become good.

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Hallie (inkyhallie) Name: Penelope Frost
Nickname: Penny
Age: 29
Occupation: English teacher

Personality: Penelope, in general, is kind and benevolent. However, she is strict when it comes to disciple and academics. She is frightfully good at English, and to those who are not very keen on learning it, she can be a nightmare. She is most probably known as a 'surly' teacher due to her attitude towards discipline, but those who name her that will have a hard time. All impudent children are in danger.
History: Penelope was an orphan. Until the age of 12, she lived in an orphanage which did not have enough facilities for children. She was constantly falling ill, and wanted to escape from there. She even ventured to run away, but was caught. The next day, she was adopted by two sweet parents who took very good care of her. They stood by her wish to become a teacher, and encouraged her, as it was their dream, too. However, when she was 20, her foster parents died in a car crash. Devastated, she became a teacher to fulfill her parents' dream.

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Hallie (inkyhallie) Name: Gray Andersen
Nickname(s): None
Age: 19
Year: Graduated- owns Andersen's pub
House: Ruby
Nationality: American
[image error]
Personality: Gray is a churlish, surly and choleric person. He has st his mind on murder, and that is the only thing he can think about. His abhorrence towards those who are erudite is intense. He is malevolent, and only those who are capable of murder and vandalism are his friends.
History: Gray comes from a family where both his parents have committed felonies. His father was accused of murder, and hanged after they found him guilty. This happened when Gray was seven. Later, Gray's mother married another man named Jason. Ever since then, Gray has been living alone. His mother is currently serving her sentence in prison. No one can deny that Gray does not have the same abilities as his parents; their blood flows through him. And thanks to this, Gray murdered a girl named Twinkle Bridge while he was a student here. Further, he is now making a large army with the help of his trusted friend, Vivvianna Greshire.
Others: He hates Markov.

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Hallie (inkyhallie) Name: Ariana Hatchet
Nickname(s): Ari
Age: 19
Nationality: British

Personality: Ariana is more of a sweet girl with passion. She loves writing, and is an independent news reporter. She does not peruse people, and diplomacy is one of her attributes, in juxtapositions with intimacy. She is kind and optimistic, but a little strict and stern, and usually, even serious when it comes to her work.
History: Ariana comes from a middle-class family, helped by the Markov family. She attended Witenberg Academy as a scholarship student, and later graduated with flying colours, which awarded Sapphire, her former house, a couple of points. She perused her dreams to become a reporter, and her stories can often be found in the newspaper.
Others: She used to be in Sapphire when she attended Witenberg.

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