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message 1: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie | 293 comments I am deciding on which series I want to start on my to buy and read list. I have narrowed it down to theses two - The Lost Starship or Scrapyard Ship. The latter was where I was leaning but I saw that the author admits to them being cliffhangers. I prefer my series to have multiple books but that they each wrap up a story. Unfortunately, for me, the cliffhangers seem to be more common these days. Has anyone read these and prefer one or the other?

By the way, is there a name for series that are cliffhangers vs. Stories with an end but which has multiple books with the same characters and worlds?

message 2: by Tobias (last edited Feb 27, 2016 05:33AM) (new)

Tobias Langhoff (tobiasvl) | 66 comments Good question. "Series of stand alone books set in the same universe"? Trilogy (and by extension duology, quadrology etc) means something specific too, but I guess it's used for any series of three novels nowadays.

message 3: by Teresa, Plan B is in Effect (new)

Teresa Carrigan | 2395 comments Mod
For books set in the same world with some of the same characters, I have seen "universe" (as in the Liaden Universe books) but mostly I just see them called series, particularly as in "a standalone book in the X series). Cliffhangers seems to be a good term for the others.

message 4: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie | 293 comments Cliffhangers could fall under the older usage of serials in publishing. But, I don't know what generic term would then be used for complete novels set in the same world with or without same characters.

We have Honorverse. Bujold used Vorkosigan Saga, Foster used Adventures Pip and Flinx. Frank Herbert simply used Dune in all his titles.

Amazon uses series in their descriptions of all of these. It makes searches easier. I do wish there was something universally used. To me there is a big difference.

As to my budget, I would like to know up front if I am going to be unhappy because I am ending with a cliffhanger and can't afford until next month to find out what happens next or worse I have to wait for an author to write it.

Krzysztof | 49 comments I'd only listen to first book (for now) in series The Lost Starship and for me there is no cliffhanger
ofcourse overall story will be finish probably in last book but the main story of the first book is closed

message 6: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie | 293 comments Krzysztof wrote: "I'd only listen to first book (for now) in series The Lost Starship and for me there is no cliffhanger
of course overall story will be finish probably in last book but the main story of the first bo..."

Thanks. Lost Starship didn't indicate how it ended. Scrapyard did state something by the author, I think, that it was a cliffhanger. Did you like Lost Starship enough to continue the series?

Krzysztof | 49 comments yes i will continue listen to Lost Starship series in few months probably and just found that that next book is read by different narrator that I like so maybe even sooner

message 8: by Jemima (new)

Jemima Pett | 150 comments I'm a rampant hater of 'series' that are serials! To me a series has to have fully wrapped up stories, which is not to say that seeds aren't sown or knots left in a tangle for later sorting out, especially as I prefer series that go somewhere, rather than leave themselves open for the 225th book if they're popular enough :)

I abhor cliffhangers - and ALWAYS knock a star off my ratings!

message 9: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Kurdziel I read Lost Starship and while it was interesting enough that I bought the next book in the series, it wasn't compelling enough that I had to dive right into it.

Timothy Ellis Neither series have cliffhanger endings. They are long range story series, where each book tells a part of the story.

Alas, I gave up on both of them. The first books are excellent and recommended. But both series blew me out of the immersion with simple things I hate. Scrapyard 2 by having characters do things out of character, and Lost 3 by totally upending the MC's character for simple plot reasons, where some decent thought could have come up with a way to do the same thing, without the MC being affected by it. Neither book I finished, and I haven't looked at the new ones.

All the same, both are performing well series, and everyone into Space Opera should be reading at least the first books.

Re cliffhangers, I admit I hate them, but in designing a trilogy, the cliffhanger is often the ideal place to break. If the books are coming out more often than bi-monthly, I dont see a problem. Its when cliffhangers are not completed within 3 months I tend to forget about them. When books are 6 months or a year apart, it becomes a total no-no. The all time example is Game of Thrones. The last book ends on a gigantic cliffhanger, and its been years now.

I like my series in a serial style (obviously to anyone who knows me), as long as each book is true to itself, and nothing takes longer than a trilogy to be resolved, other than a long range plot which ties the entire series together. But they do have to have an ending. Although I do like the concept of second series with the same characters.

message 11: by Brett (new)

Brett Fitzpatrick (brett_fitzpatrick) | 3 comments In science fiction there is a tradition of cliffhangers - admittedly in old movie series and pulp novels - so I have a higher tolerance. in other genres, not so much.

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