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message 1: by Ashwin (new)

Ashwin (ashiot) | 215 comments Since we have so many meet-ups in the pipeline (and some have concluded?), I thought why not have a meet-up report of each meeting. Nothing formal, but it would be great to know what was discussed, who participated, what was the venue like etc. Possibly with photos if everyone is comfortable with being clicked and there are no laws to prevent it.

If possible it would be nice to have such meet-ups filmed as well. That way those who can't attend can get first hand experience. Emma might also find it more engaging way of finding out about the meet-ups and people from different regions can learn things like etiquettes of that region etc. Again only if equipment, laws and time permit.

message 2: by Katelyn, Our Shared Shelf Moderator (new)

Katelyn (katelynrh) | 836 comments Mod
Ashwin, great idea. There are some plans already in the pipeline that incorporate some of those ideas.

If members want to takes minutes for their group meetups, they can make monthly posts in the Meet Ups folder. I think that's a fantastic idea.

As for pictures, why not? They can be uploaded to the photos section.

And if anything is posted on social media, don't forget #OurSharedShelf !!!!!!!!

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