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Rickie Was it just me or was it too convenient and too easy to kill Elara? I don't think it was consistent with her character and her character's power, manipulation talents and intelligence that she died so easily.
And what was she doing in the prison? Why would it short the lights and cameras sometimes?

Aida That's what i like about this book. Victoria keeps things real and one of it is that the villain (one of the villains in this case) doesn't always get a hard fight sometimes it's that easy. It's war...Anything can happen.
Like when Shade died, he didn't get to say goodbye or anything and even though he was my favorite character and man that was a SAD scene, i'm glad Victoria Aveyard kept it real.
about what she was doing, maybe it'll be explained in the next book
but generally i liked Red Queen better...

Rickie I was almost half expecting her to pit Mare and Cal against each other as in one would be controlled by her and fighting the other off from killing her.
And yeah that sucked with Shade. I would have liked to know more of his thoughts and feelings and his romance with Farley, too. But I guess that's part of getting readers to feel for the book/characters is getting them to like certain ones before they kill them off :(
I liked Red Queen better, too, of course, but still will be looking for the next book! Hopefully it will explain some of those things that make you go hmm lol

Karina It's not about Elara (well I'm really glad that she's already gone) but I have this idea that Scarlet Guard will save Mare again on book 3 but this time it's already not Captain Farley but instead, the Colonel. Hm, because Colonel are traveling somewhere separated from the group of Mare right? So they are not included to those who had been caught by Maven and they are probably safe. Well, just my guess hahahahha because it's impossible that Mare will die that easily on book 3 right?

Karina Sophia wrote: "Does anyone agree that this should be a movie?"

It will! Victoria already confirmed just last Sunday while she was here on the Philippines!!

Karina Sophia wrote: "Karina, have you already read "the Cruel Crown"? If so is it good!!! Wait never mind, OF COURSE IT'S GOOD!!!!!!! She visited you in the Philippines???? I wonder who will play Mare, Maven and Cal......"

Yes I met her! She's so charming and sweet! She always smile and laugh! She's like an angel seriously. I took stolen photos of her hahah. Btw, yes I already read Cruel Crown. Dang! You must read it already!!! Nope, I'm a Filipino.

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