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Tmoni | 1 comments I am in the process of writing my first novel and would like one (or more) people to read just the first chapter to see what they think about the main character, their situation and the direction early on. Does it capture your attention? Pique your interest? Or bore the hell out of you? Does it have too much info or not enough? Is it too long? Ect?

The story is called School Wars:Who's Taking The Top!
Its a school drama

The description is

Two transfer students, Biancca Maeda and Angel came a co-ed school Dark Academy. In this school violence and fighting are common among the students. Noisy and trouble maker Angel made a fuss as soon as she entered the school, won her first fight but then was beaten easily by another gang shortly after. In contrary to Angel's bold-but-powerless attitude, Biancca who is truthfully a strong girl despite of her silent nature found Angel beaten by Two 005(double-o-five) members before her. Seeing this instantly awaken her fighting spirit and made her won the battle against Angel's attackers easily, thus made a big fuss at the school and the news even reached the strongest fighting group, Ace7. Afterwards, Angel acknowledged Biancca as her "Big sis" and as a result the friendship between the two girls began to grow along with their fights with fellow students at their school.

ReadWriteLove28 | 164 comments Hi! Your novel sounds interesting and I would be glad to discuss beta reading for you. For more information on my beta reading services, please look at the information on my blog and contact me through there.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you,

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