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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. young adult book series about a group of rich teenage boys [s]

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message 1: by Clarke (new)

Clarke | 3 comments Read the book between 2000-2010
For young adults
Coming of age/drama/comedy
Not supernatural, fantasy, or sci-fi
Paperback series
About a group of 5-6 boys getting into trouble, fighting over girls, drinking, maybe drugs?
At least one character was really rich (can't quite remember)
They traveled a lot
Can't remember any specific storylines of the series
I'm thinking it kind of like the A-list by Zoey Dean but for boys
It had the same book art style and title font as the A-list books
The title of the series or any of the books in the series would be greatly appreciated

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message 4: by Clarke (new)

Clarke | 3 comments I appreciate the help but I don't think these are it. Thanks anyway!

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Clarke | 3 comments Yes! Thank you so much!

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