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The Capulet Death by Angelica Ng

The Capulet Death: A Romantic Suspense Novel is free for today until Friday (April 30 to May 2, 2014) on Amazon Kindle Store.

There is an elusive criminal mastermind under the alias 'The Magician' and Blythe Hoult is in search for him. Before she even gets far into her search, she realizes that she no longer needs to continue for The Magician has already come to take her. He brings her into his home with his family, where she witnesses an unfolding of love, deception, and revenge all at once.

The bad blood among the men of The Magician’s family also comes into show as they all vie for her love and attention.
Get your copy now! :)

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Magic Molly The Mirror Maze, book one of the series is FREE Get you copy now. Can Molly learn to use her Wonky and rescue her mum and dad from the mysterious void?

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