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message 1: by Christian (new)

Christian Green | 14 comments Hello all!

So far I've published four stories. One at well over 80k words and the rest between 25-30k. I've found my stories to be stronger at the smaller word count. I'm curious if anyone has used the kindle singles program. If so, is there any difference between it and the KDP, besides the fact that it's meant to service short pieces of work. I read something about there being a six week review for all submissions. What benefits come with the kindle single program if one could just use the KDP and publish whenever they see fit? Thanks in advance for your replies!

message 2: by Ken (new)

Ken (kendoyle) | 364 comments If you can get accepted by Kindle Singles, it's worth it--the program will give you more visibility than you could probably manage on your own.

I submitted a novella a couple of years ago and was rejected. At least they respond within 6-8 weeks, not years. I've heard that their rejection rate is higher than many traditional publishers, though, but it doesn't hurt to try. Go for it!

message 3: by Christian (new)

Christian Green | 14 comments Thank you Ken for your response. If you don't mind me asking, the novella that was rejected, did you go ahead and publish it yourself on KDP or did you just scratch it completely?

message 4: by Ken (new)

Ken (kendoyle) | 364 comments I had already planned to publish it on KDP, but I broke it into shorter stories that I published as part of a larger collection.

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