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The Carnage Series ... Have You Read It?

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KiBo The Story of Us
The Story of Me
Marley: A Carnage Novel
The Letters

Is there anyone else out there that loves this series like I do?

I just finished reading The Letters and now I feel like I need to join a Carnage support group. LOL But is The Letters the last we will hear from the Laytons? I think maybe a new generation is on the horizon.

Any thoughts?

Tracy I love The Carnage series!!! I have to finish the series I'm on now and then I will read The Letters! Love them!

KiBo Heyyy! I finally found another Carnage fan ... this is so cool! But just so you know, I call dips on Marley. Ohhhh that man! Yummy!

Ok, I'm done lusting over Marls for the moment. :-)

Carnage is one of those series that I tell EVERYONE about. I also tell them that it's kind've hard to get into at first. I think I had it downloaded on my Kindle for a few weeks, opening and closing it because I didn't think I could read a book that started off with 11 and 13 year old characters. But I'm so glad I finally read it. I did not see the ending to book one coming. Talk about having a book hangover! Im still not over that book. Thank goodness the other books followed.

I can't pinpoint just one character in this series. Well, I do lust after Marley, I think I love the entire cast. Wouldn't you love it if the Layton's were real???

Being non=British, I also loved the fact that I picked up on some Essex slang. hehehe

The Letters was awesome! I now have so much more respect and love for Cam. To be so lucky to have a man love
you like that ... *sighhhh*

Since you enjoyed Carnage so much, you need to read Guitar Face by Sasha Marshall. You will find the Hendrix family is similar to the Laytons. Those two series tie for my all time fav rocker stories.

Tracy I'm a huge Olivia Cunning fan and her rock band series if you haven't read those.

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