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I saw this book on Amazon last summer. It was set in Victorian London or England in general. The main character is a teenage girl who has been raised or found by a man who has taught her to kill werewolves. I think at the beginning of the story he is digging up graves. She runs into a teenage guy who is a werewolf but she can't kill him. She then has to deal with what this means for her. I never got to read it because I put the name in my book folder to buy at a later date but had to reformat my pc and lost it. I appreciate in advance any help with this.

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Melanie (melaina) | 35 comments Could it be Token Huntress? It's a vampire thing, but sounds like it has a similar plot!

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After many hours of browsing on Amzon I finally found it. It's Camille by Tess Oliver.

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Kris | 33505 comments Mod
Glad you found your book. Camille by Tess Oliver for the link.

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