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The Pillars of the Earth (Kingsbridge, #1)
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Lisa | 136 comments I have just finished this book although I have been reading it for a long time - I put it on my 2016 challenge list to make sure I finished it!

Review here:

Susan | 143 comments I just read this, too, but I didn't see the appeal. I agree with you about Follett's writing style and the repetition. But it's not an accurate representation of life in the 12th century. It's based on what people in the 20th century think the 12th must have been like instead, and there are a ton of errors and misconceptions.

Lisa | 136 comments Yes there are loads of historical errors. I assume Ken Follett places his plotline requirements over authenticity. Also this book is quite old now and I think readers are a bit savvier about when there are historical misrepresentations (and they can look things up on Wikipedia which they couldn't when he wrote this!)

Elise F (elise_literaryhabitat) | -2 comments I'm reading this for week 32 (historical fiction) though I note you have all said it isn't very historically accurate! I guess the further back you set a novel, the greater the inaccuracies might be...

Ashley Moore (ashleym99) | 501 comments I am going to be reading this for Week 4: A book liked by the 4 elements - Earth.

Chrissy | 840 comments I just finished it for week 4, and enjoyed it. It was a nice break from more literary reads. I’m curious about the specific types of inaccuracies people found annoying. I did find out that the relationships among royals aren’t accurate, but that is so minor in terms of the story.

My favorite parts were mostly about cathedral building and managing estates. My favorite characters were Philip and Aliena, I think.

Ashley Moore (ashleym99) | 501 comments I really enjoyed this book. I like how you get to know the characters and follow them through their life journeys. You have the people you like and hate.

message 8: by Charlsa (last edited Feb 03, 2018 07:12PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Charlsa (cjbookjunkie) | 31 comments I read this for week four: 4 books linked by the 4 elements: Book #1 Earth (in title, cover, content, setting, author...)

I enjoyed this book. I agree with Ashley. I like to follow the characters through their lives. It was a great walk through history. I'm also reading The Real History Behind the Templars, so I just read a little more about William and Thomas Beckett.

I'm reading the other two books in this series for other prompts in 2018.

Leigh (leighgray) | 60 comments I loved the beginning - really, really loved it - but by the middle I started to get bored, so I just sort of skimmed the second half.

Angela | 397 comments I read this for 2018’s Week 4 - 4 books linked by the four elements (in title, cover, content, setting, author...) Book 1: Earth.

I really enjoyed it and loved the story of the building of the cathedral itself and the political machinations that went on behind the scenes. I agree that some characters didn’t quite ring true to the time and that there was a 20th century feel to them. However, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the book. By the way, I don’t think I’ve disliked a character as much since reading Game of Thrones (I think you’ll know who I’m referring to in both books).

A really enjoyable read, if a tad long.

message 11: by Lisa (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lisa | 54 comments I read this for 2019's Week 7: 2 books related tot he same topic, genre, or theme: Book #1. I enjoyed reading this book after having first read World Without End and learning the story surrounding the building of the cathedral.

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