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Kori Bates (kordeliaann) | 2 comments I read a book a while back where the main character was the caretaker/psychiatrist of a mental intuition. He was also a serial killer who would abduct women, leave them in a remote place, give them a head start, and then hunt them. When he would find them he would skin their faces and preserve them in amber I think and displayed them in the wall of his staircase leading down to the basement. Only one girl ever escaped from him and she was determined to have him arrested for what he'd done. Her husband had been his accomplice and once she found out, he tried to kill her, but she shot him and had been on the run ever since to find him and clear her name. Police thought she was crazy and once they arrested her, the psychiatrist got them to release her into his custody so he put her back on the institute so he could kill her. She fakes a hanging death and gets into the air vents just in time for the police to find her and arrest the killer.

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Kris | 35148 comments Mod
Stealing Faces by Michael Prescott? Here's one GR review with plot points - https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...

Kori, if that's not it, what year did you read your book?

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Kori Bates (kordeliaann) | 2 comments That's it!

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Kris | 35148 comments Mod
Great! Glad you found your book.

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