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Kenya Wright Moan (Interracial Erotic Romance Thriller) by Kenya Wright

I have all ebook formats.
No time limit for the review.
I'm grateful whether it's a Good or Bad Review.
Blurb and Short Excerpt below.


Roman , the Sex Tycoon of Europe, 

requested that  Emily  interview him.  

He's invited her to his exclusive masquerade ball in London. 

She'll be the only reporter there, partying among the most powerful people in the world.

But there's something bigger going on at this party where masks hide the wicked, and sex happens in and out of the shadows. There are lives at stake, and Roman is certain that Emily can help.

All he has to do is keep his hands off of her long enough to take down an evil man called the Devil. But it's hard to focus with a woman like Emily and the more he's around her, he's thinking less about the plans and wondering more about the many ways he can make her moan.

Short Excerpt

Roman had the kind of face that stroked the wicked parts of the body—ripe lips, tanned skin, midnight hair and a smooth grin. Strong and defined, his cheekbones made me want to nibble them.

His jaw was a work of art in a deep, catastrophic way, because although it was beautiful I wanted to do so many naughty things to it. Things that one didn’t do with a human jaw. I wanted to rub my sex all over its angular length until I came. I wanted to use my nipples to trace circles all over it. I wanted to fuck him hard. I wanted to bite. I wanted to gnaw. I wanted to grip his bed sheets and moan as he moved on top of me.

Connie | 4 comments I'll send you a pm with my info.

Thanks! :)

Kenya Wright cool!!

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