Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal Fast Food Nation question

Did it change your eating habits?
Zahra Zahra Feb 26, 2016 02:44PM
Did this book change your eating habits? Did it help you shape your opinion about fast food? how?

I am pretty sure this is one of about three factors that made me vegetarian and now vegan. How can you read about this stuff and continue blindly eating and supporting it? That would truly make you a robot in society who is fed information and doesn't question it.

Sure did, this book with the combination of other information. There is a Joe Rogan Experience episode where he discusses eating wild bear meat. Joe told a story of one of his hunter buddies who was butchering a bear and pointed out a blueish hue in the meat. This was caused by the bears diet consisting mostly of blue berries. The blue berry rich diet changed the appearance and taste of the meat for the better. The book mentions that the cows and chickens being butchered diet's consists of other animal scrapes and feces. If blue berries changed the bear meat I am sure the feces is effecting the cow and chickens.

Plants and mushrooms eat shit too though so I wonder if they have a better filter then the animals in order to prevent negative outcomes from a shit bases diet.

Not really, it was interesting to learn but as a non-american I found few things related. Add small town farm girl life and not much was left to be changed. I still enjoy my occasional takeout (which is normally pizza or indian food) and I am a sucker for betty crocker or pillbury sweets on birthdays or holidays.
I think 3/4 of the battle is having these facts as common knowledge so that each person can make their own educated choices

It's a very interesting book.

But there's shit in all our food. Especially in vegetables.

Organic food is a waste of money, and climate change is not a serious problem.

It's like Supersize Me, in that it plays to your fears that what's popular is bad. Calories matter more than beef consumption.

A pound of fries is disgusting.

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