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message 1: by amelia (new)

amelia (plaidsicle) | 2 comments hello Librarians-- I just discovered this group and have a burning question to ask.

Are titles like those that show up in this search actually real books?

I noticed several titles like this a few years ago and they confuse me so, so much. most of them have the same cover image. but they have different 'authors' listed. and most also have the same word-for-word description, just with the title switched out.

my thought is that they must be some sort of weird spam, and it all makes me wonder which would be worse--a single 'author' guilty of spamming goodreads in this bizarre manner, with multiple versions of the same 'book'--or a dozen separate 'authors' being so blatant in their copying of each other. it's very bizarre, either way.

has anyone looked into this at all? I would really love to put my curiosity to sleep about it.

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42468 comments Mod
amelia wrote: "Are titles like those that show up in this search actually real books?"

They are. They are print-on-demand books.

message 3: by amelia (new)

amelia (plaidsicle) | 2 comments huh. interesting. thanks!

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