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Phoenix~They/Them | 4615 comments Just stuff really

Phoenix~They/Them | 4615 comments I haven't posted here in a while so Ill be using this for my poetry

Phoenix~They/Them | 4615 comments Attention

Attention all you bullies
Listen real well
My friends are by my side
And we'll protect each other
From people like you
Who hurt
Who lie
Who steal
Some of us are forced into wearing a mask
Because we never want
Someone to feel like we do
We smile like it's okay
When it's not
We act like we're fine
When we're not
But standing by my friend
Makes me realize that there
Is a warrior in all of us
A warrior that shines
That breaks free and fights
For the victims
For the people who committed suicide
And for those who stand by us
We will fight.

Phoenix~They/Them | 4615 comments Pull my leg
Break my bones
Throw insults
I don't care what you do
Because I'll always get back up
And keep on fighting
Till my last breath
Throw me down
Call me names
Break me until I can't move
But I will never give up
I am stronger then a bull
Flexible like a cat
Alert like birds
And I sting like a wasp
Mess with my friends
And I'm coming for you

Phoenix~They/Them | 4615 comments I stayed Strong
Poem by Cynthia
do not steal or claim as your own
this is based on something that happened until I moved

I've been bullied since first grade
About my looks
My personality
And my insecurities
But I stay strong
Hiding my tears with a smile
And laughing my way out of problems
I've lost a friend
Who was a liar and a thief
I've been teased
And tripped
But I stay strong
I've made a friend in middle school
And I knew
That I had found a friend
That I could trust
And cherish
She was a Sonic fan
Like me it's true
She was always there for me
Through thick and thin
Even when I was still bullied
Till I moved
But I stayed strong

Phoenix~They/Them | 4615 comments Now what poem can I post XD If anyone can give me an idea go ahead.

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