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Carmen Mendonca This book has really caught my interest because of its theme and message. I find it interesting because it's based in the 1960's and I like learning about what has happened in different parts of the world throughout times of slavery. The part in the book that I am reading right now, Aibileen, the main character, who is an African American maid, has been asked by Miss Skeeter, a white lady, to write in her cleaning advice column for her job. She also is put on task to write about something that disturbs her but doesn't bother anyone else by a job opportunity in New York. I predict that she is going ask Aibileen about her experiences as a maid for her task. This book is one that I've been wanting to read for a long time because I have seen the movie so many times. I also make a connection to this book because racism is something that I feel very strongly about and don't want to see so it makes me happy that I can look at todays society and see the progress that we have made where people don't treat the black community nearly as harshly as they used to. You can see in the novel just how racism is used because coloured maids and workers can't even use the bathrooms in white peoples houses because they were scared they would catch diseases. I am really enjoying this book and excited to read more!

Aaron Meizius I loved the movie; I thought the casting was near-perfect, and Kathryn Stockett (being a friend of the director) even consulted on the film. But this is yet another case where the book is far better than the movie. Stockett paints such an amazing picture of these women, and they all become perfectly loveable and/or hate-able to the reader. I'm glad you're taking the time to read it, because there were things in the book that I loved that simply couldn't be conveyed on the silver screen. Skeeter's emotional courage to tackle the social issues that she personally finds obscene and outdated is something that Emma Stone (as much as I adore her) just couldn't have shown.
I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did! Be sure to go back and re-watch the movie after you've read'll be thankful you did!

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