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Suzie | 11 comments No one knows that they are living alongside the creatures that horror stories are made of...
Danni Malone grew up fighting monsters and catching rogues. She keeps her powers hidden and is desperate to live a normal human life with her boyfriend Greg.
Keri Jenkins joined the Paranormal Division of the Government after a horrific incident that left her orphaned.
Both of these women are thrown together to catch the person trying to kill the influential Vampire Nest Master Damon. They move in with him and pose as his new security, dealing with threats and assassination attempts.
Will they catch the would-be-killer in time?
Will they be able to save the supernatural community from disaster?
Or will these women lose everything?

I read this book in almost three days. The first chapter draws you in, gives you a little background but is by no means boring! Its slows a little until Danni and Keri begin their assignment. But even though there wasn't a lot of action, I found myself actually laughing at some of the things they got up to.
I feel like I've gone through every emotion with these women, fear, betrayal, happiness, anger and downright wickedness... And at the end I was hyperventilating at the thought of how long I would have to wait for the next one.. Because there HAS TO BE!!!

I definitely recommend this book.. There are a few mistakes but the story lines well make up for it.

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Suzie | 11 comments Forgot to add a link for it if anyone is interested...


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