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Society Dawning (Sovereign Magi Society, #1)
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Fantasy > Epic quest to rebuild an ancient society of mages

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T.J. Vensarn Society Dawning is the first book in the Sovereign Magi Society series.

For a millennium, a society of Magi stood as the defenders of the common person. Their dedication to the principles of morality and justice acknowledged no arbitrary borders of kingdoms or nations. However, their light was extinguished over a century ago by a power-hungry emperor who betrayed and decimated the Magi.

Rissyl is a young man from a wealthy family. Little did he expect that his life would be turned upside-down by his family’s purchase of a new slave. When Nalria, the goddess of magic, offers him a gift no mortal could deny he is thrust into a slave’s family destiny.

Cynia is a slave, and the great granddaughter of a powerful Magi. Although she is a servant, she knows that it is her destiny to be much more. With the help of her two cousins and the son of her owner, she is determined to restore her family name and rebuild the society that is so desperately needed in the lands once again.

The four fledgling Magi face a daunting task. If they have any hope of rebuilding the lost society of Magi, they’re going to need to work past their differences. They will have to survive a ruthless emperor determined to ensure that magic does not reemerge during his rule. They must also overcome the growing threat from an evil sect of necromancers who have their own aspirations for magic and power. However, if they succeed, they just might change the known world.

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Janeen Garner (booknerdneen) | 71 comments wow! sounds amazing!

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T.J. Vensarn Thanks! The Kindle version is on sale on Amazon for $.99, or you can read it for free if you're a Kindle Unlimited member. If you read it, I'd love to hear what you thought of the story.

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Janeen Garner (booknerdneen) | 71 comments I did! I want to read it and be ready for book 2!

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T.J. Vensarn That's great! I hope you enjoy it! :)

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