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FREE eBook Feb 29-Mar 4 - The Foreign Language of Friends - Nadine Galinsky Feldman

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Nadine Feldman (nadine_feldman) | 2 comments To celebrate the release of my upcoming novel, What She Knew, I am offering The Foreign Language of Friends for FREE for a limited time!

FINALIST, 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Chick Lit Category. GOLD MEDAL WINNER, Women's Issues, eLit Book Awards.

When four women meet in a foreign language class, their different backgrounds and experiences cause instant clashes!

There's Julia, vivacious and fun, who longs for something more than the country club, jet-setting lifestyle that she leads. Claire, a company attorney in a male-dominated field, intimidates everyone around her. Shy Ellen is trying to have a personal life while caring for her ailing parents. Mickey, a young newlywed, wants to get out from under the shadow of her domineering parents.

As these women face various life traumas, they must learn to lean on each other. Ultimately, the foreign language they must learn is: friendship.

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Janeen Garner (booknerdneen) | 6 comments please send me s copy! I would live to read it!
thank you!

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Nadine Feldman (nadine_feldman) | 2 comments Janeen wrote: "please send me s copy! I would live to read it!
thank you!"

Hi, Janeen,

Thanks so much for your interest!

I made a big oops here by not including the link! Here it is (note that the free offer kicks in on Feb. 29):

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