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message 1: by Kathrine (new)

Kathrine | 6 comments Hi everyone living in, or visiting, Norway!

Anyone interested in meeting up to discuss the books from Our Shared Shelf and feminism in general? Reading sparks so many thoughts, and I guess discussing the books face to face with other Our Shared Shelfers would inspire us all even more.

Reading/discussion/talking circles could be arranged all over the country! I live in Oslo, and would think Litteraturhuset a suitable place to meet.

What do you think?

message 2: by Kathrine (new)

Kathrine | 6 comments Thanks for responding Dianna! This is bit of a long shot, but I am at a conference in Tromsø today and it ends a bit earlier than expected, so if you, and anyone else in Tromsø, wants to meet this afternoon I'll be in the city centre from around 5pm to 7pm! Bit of a short notice, sorry!

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