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Magruder's Curiosity Cabinet
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BUDDY READ: Historical Fiction > Magruder's Curiosity Cabinet By H.P. Wood - Starting April 22nd 2016

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Abbie | 27856 comments Mod
May 1904. Coney Island’s newest amusement park, Dreamland, has just opened. Its many spectacles are expected to attract crowds by the thousands, paying back investors many times over.

Kitty Hayward and her mother arrive by steamer from South Africa. When Kitty’s mother takes ill, the hotel doctor sends Kitty to Manhattan to fetch some special medicine. But when she returns, Kitty’s mother has vanished. The desk clerk tells Kitty she is at the wrong hotel. The doctor says he’s never seen her although, she notices, he is unable to look her in the eye.

Alone in a strange country, Kitty meets the denizens of Magruder’s Curiosity Cabinet. A relic of a darker, dirtier era, Magruder's is home to a forlorn flea circus, a handful of disgruntled Unusuals, and a mad Uzbek scientist. Magruder’s Unusuals take Kitty under their wing and resolve to find out what happened to her mother.

But as a plague spreads, Coney Island is placed under quarantine. The gang at Magruder’s finds that a missing mother is the least of their problems, as the once-glamorous resort town is abandoned to the freaks, anarchists, and madmen.

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T.J. Burns | 2721 comments Magruder's Curiosity Cabinet by H.P. Wood
(Just wanted to add a link to the book).

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T.J. Burns | 2721 comments @Rachel (and whoever else wants to join us in this buddy read): I just wanted to share this note from the author so that we know what we are getting ourselves into...

H.P. Wood wrote: "Hi TJ! I just hopped over to Goodreads and saw that you're reading Magruder's. I'm really glad! I'll be interested to know what you think of it. I just became a little concerned because I see that you have it shelved as YA, which it is not. Older teens might be fine with it, but there is language, some violence, and some pretty gross stuff. So please be aware that you are reviewing something that was intended for adults.
Hope you have a great day! :)"

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Rachel Gunter | 2635 comments Hmmm that's interesting! it could be quite different to what I was expecting!

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HT (hufsat) I actually didn't get a sense that it was YA when I was reading! It was only on GR that I saw people shelve it that way and got super confused.

Currently starting chapter 12.

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T.J. Burns | 2721 comments @Rachel and HT: Would you like to reset the start date for this buddy read to some time in April? I'm traveling and probably won't get to it until April. And, Rachel, that would give us a chance to finish The Girl from Everywhere... ;)

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