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message 1: by Tiz. (new)

Tiz. T. (tizt) | 7 comments Hi everybody!

When I write I sometime have trouble with different cultures than my own. It is hard sometime to make a character that is really, say, Japanese, or French, or Brit or US citizen (yes, really) without falling into stereotypes. History is even more complicated. How a man or a woman in the 1500s Spain REALLY thought? What did they believe in? What about 1300s Koreans?

So I offer myself (and I hope other will offer themselves :P) to help.

Native Culture

Offering help about:
Contemporaty Italy
Medieval Italy
Roman History
Pre-Roman Times

Do you know the topic you are offering help about well?
Yes. I have studied history intimately, and I know the sociological, political, legal and economic life in those times.

Do you have problems about sensitive topics?
Not at all. Ask me about Mafia or Mussolini if you wish :)

message 2: by Lena (new)

Lena | 172 comments Mod
Great topic!

I'm an American Southerner.

I can offer help with Southern culture, history, dialect, social customs, etc.

message 3: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Mcroberts | 28 comments >Familiarity with Urban/Metropolitan life (Chicago)- Can help with Chicago dialect if you want to try to tackle it...

>Familiarity with smaller Urban communities (pop. 80-120,000) in the Midwest. Can give insight into rural Midwest life as well as fully urban life - (including friends in gangs, going to a high school complete with gang violence, athletics in large high schools, etc.)

message 4: by Lise8 (new)

Lise8 | 29 comments I am French and have lived in UK for the last 20 years, so I can offer help with either of these cultures and languages.

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