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{Follow The Yellow Brick Road}

Your plot

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|Name| Clara Angela Gail
|Born| Bronx, New York
|Sexuality| Straight

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Steve Sweet!

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Jess | 1670 comments •Name• Kiki Aru Oz

•Age• 18

•Born• Emerald City, Oz

•Sexuality• Straight



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Clara Gail was walking to school as she read her mother’s book and being followed by her puppy Toto. She smiled to herself thinking that the dreams her mother had were quite entertaining and seemed to be written to let anyone who read it that the place was real. She didn’t hear the tornado coming up to her because she was still drawn into the book. When she got sucked up she didn’t know what was going on.

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Aru had gotten up early that morning being ruler was not easy and he wished his father was still here to guide him. All he had now to help him was several advisers and half of them he didn't trust. He suspected that at least one of them had a hand in the 'mysterious fire' that killed his parents. He sighed as he looked out of the window overlooking Emerald City.

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Clara had fallen asleep in the tornado until she felt her body collide with the ground. Her eyes shot open and everything seemed so different as she sat up to see that she was in a Red Poppy field. She quickly got up and looked where she had landed hoping that she didn’t lose her mother’s Journal. But it was nowhere to be seen. That was when her eyes started to tear up and her cheeks began to turn a puffy pink color. I can’t believe this. I lost my Mama’s journal right after I finally got it. Now it’s gone. She started to cry just thinking about the fact.

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Aru was deep in thought when a servant alerted him and told him that there was a disturbance in the red poopy fields. Aru asked him what it was but the servant said he didn't know all he knew was that one moment the weather was perfect than all of a sudden there were dark clouds and really strong winds. And then just as suddenly as the dark clouds and wind came they were gone. Aru asked the servant, the servant said that there wasn't any damage to the city and then dismissed the servant. He called in the captain of the guard and told him to organize scouts to see if anyone was injured outside from the high winds. The captain nodded, saluted and then just that. He organized scouts to look throught the red poppy fields and the surrounding area.

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Clara looked around trying to recognize the area and nothing looked familiar. That’s when she heard little footsteps; this prompted her to look down where she saw Toto walking around sniffing the flowers. “I didn’t know that you were with me Toto.” She said with a gentle smile on her face as she lifted up her small little dog. She didn’t know that a bunch of munchkins were going to find her.

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As soon as Aru gave the order a small group of scouts were sent out of the city. They spread out and searched the surrounding area one of the scouts a munchkin who was only about two feet high saw Clara and her dog. "are you alright?" He asked her trying to sound as big as possible in order to make up for what he lacked in height.

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