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A lesson without pain is meaningless, for you cannot gain something without sacraficing something else in return, but once you have overcome it and made it your own... You will gain a irreplacable fullmetal heart..

'Shapeshifter's Out Of The Bag'

Shapeshifters were secretive creatures with various different breeds and these individuals could only shapeshift into one creature; better known as werewolves, werecats or anything of that extent. Shapeshifters could be murderous or gentle giants, but after a few years ago. Humans were finally brought into the loop and shapeshifters peeled themselves from the dark to become unified with humans. At first they were scared of these new creatures, let alone how they had kept their secret from everyone and as years went by. It became normal really, there may have been some shapeshifters that were either bullied or the ones that were bullying there species and humans. It depended on the people really and shapeshifters were taught how to control their animal instincts, not as well when they were younger, but as teenagers there animal would be mature over their years as their human side matured, as well.

Muse A has a problem, whenever he shifts well he becomes a cub or whatever their called in different species form of his animal even though he is basically a teenager and he should have matured a bit more into a teenage form of his animal. Muse A's instincts are mostly driven by his animal's instincts that are either hide when their is predator around which can become a handful. Basically, because a predator will chase anything that flees from them or basically looks like easy prey. It's probably why Muse A had always been bullied from shapeshifters, because of his animals maturity. So, when his remaining family member in his household dies due to a severe sickness. Muse A is shipped off to his Aunt's house, where he will be living for the rest of his teenage years. A new school with new students which are humans and shapeshifters alike. The kids kinda scared to even go to school especially since his such an easy target. Yet, when he arrives at school.. He actually meets new people that become his friend and even acquires a rival. They bicker a lot and yet the two always seem to help each other in the long run... After a few weeks, Muse A starts to become closer with his little rival and they slowly start to become more then rivals, brother or even friends... Its complicated to say the least...

Muse B is one of the popular kids in school, he doesn't really care much for girls especially since a lot of them are always hanging off of his arm. Which ticks Muse B off in most days, but when a new kid walks through the door. Muse B's life turns upside down and in a sense befriends Muse A, but their more rivals then anything else in the beginning. Always bickering between each other, argueing or saying hateful things to each other. But, Muse B actually in some cases protects Muse A and only says that he hates seeing smaller shifters getting bullied because they aren't as strong as the others. It offends Muse A, but it draws both of them closer and in the end Muse B believes that his falling for the runt....

That I'm not human
That I'm not different from other chains
The things I don't know
The things that are already knew

And at every moment..
I always...
More then anyone..



~ I'm Muse A
~ You're Muse B
~ Detailed Paragraphs; No Short Sentences Please
~ We can make it double if you want
~ MxM Roleplay

In manga, there's always a character who gets a sudden boast of power, right? Readers always call it a 'convenient power up', but it actually does happen in the real world, as well. We Humans only truly show our mettle when we're pushed into a corner..

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) © ᴅɪsᴄʟᴀɪᴍᴇʀ: [This template is inspired by 〈 ♣ 〉 ғɪᴇɴᴅɪsʜ ᴅᴇʟɪɢʜᴛs & 〈〈 ᶠᶦˢʰᵇʷᶫ ╳ |. Created by ▲ Åṧℌʟε¥ ▼ (Tʜᴇ Gʀᴇᴀᴛ ᴀɴᴅ Pᴏᴡᴇʀғᴜʟ).

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▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ❝ That's enough! I don't want to hear it! I'm sick of you and everyone else telling me to run. I'm not running! Not without you! I won't leave you behind! ❞ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀


┣▇ Levi Evan Grayson ▇▇▇▇▇═─

┣▇ Werecheetah ▇▇▇▇▇═─

[Nineteen Years Old][Male][Homosexual][Matthew Daddario][Single]


▐⊱ Trait ✔ Playful
▐⊱ Trait ✔ Alert
▐⊱ Trait ✔ Loyal
▐⊱ Trait ✔ Patient
▐⊱ Trait ✔ Basic Refexes of a Cheetah Cub
▐⊱ Trait ✗ Skittish
▐⊱ Trait ✗ Cowardly
▐⊱ Trait ✗ Fiery
▐⊱ Trait ✗ Impulsive
▐⊱ Trait ✗ Insecure
▐⊱ Trait ✗ Naive
▐⊱ Trait ✗ Secretive


~ Chirping: When a cheetah attempts to find another, or a mother tries to locate her cubs, it uses a high-pitched barking called chirping. The chirps made by a cheetah cub sound more like a bird chirping, and so are termed chirping, too.

~ Churring or stuttering: This vocalization is emitted by a cheetah during social meetings. A churr can be seen as a social invitation to other cheetahs, an expression of interest, uncertainty, or appeasement or during meetings with the opposite sex (although each sex churrs for different reasons).

~ Growling: This vocalization is often accompanied by hissing and spitting and is exhibited by the cheetah during annoyance, or when faced with danger.

~ Yowling or moaning: This is an escalated version of growling, usually displayed when danger worsens.

~ Agonistic vocalisations: a combination of growls, moans, hisses and the "trademark" cheetah spit, which is most often accompanied by a forceful "paw hit" on the ground.

▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬

▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ❝ I don't quit! I don't run! I never go back on my word! That's my ninja way!❞ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀


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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) No, he is one of the predators.. Anything that you won't him to be for an animal

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Uh. Could be anything; hyena, wolf, leopard, jaguar, komado dragon, cobra, lion, bear, crocodile, ocelot, eagle or anything really haha

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Do you mind if it is short and there is no pictures? If I answer it in the morning, there will be pictures. Which one? As long as I get it done?

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Um.. You can do it long, there's no rush

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Okay. I will start it and then add a picture later.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Okay!

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Here is my character:

Name: Nathaniel Lee Wong
Age: 18
Sexuality: Homosexual

Human - 5'2, brown eyes, Black hair.


Personality: TBRP'd

{ These are links if the pictures do not work }:

((Is this okay?))

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Yes! Perfect!

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Yes, could you go first? Just have it about his daily routine and then to school. One paragraph or more

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Nathaniel stared up at the ceiling as he really did not want to go to school. It was Monday and he had to survive another week. The sun was peeping over the horizon. He rubbed eyes before sitting up as he wondered what he would make for today. But for the right now, he needed to take a shower and get dressed. Once he combed through his hair, he straightened his white shirt and slipped on his black and while hoodless jacket. "I am heading out." He called to his mother who was upstairs and getting ready for the day.

Everyday Nathaniel arrived to school and the girls would notice him immediately. He really did not like it, but it was so tiring. "Nathan!" A girl with long brown hair with blond highlights called. "How was your weekend?" She called to him before clinging onto his arm; he shook her off.
"It was fine." He answered her as they walked into the high school. He did not say anything to the girls who liked to physically cling to him. He really did not want to hurt their feelings, so he kept quiet unless they asked him a question.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) (( I will try to answer, but I'm at my Nana's who has no internet ))

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Beep! Beep! Beep! The cubs sleep was rudely interrupted by a blaring sound causing Levi to cringe with distain. Blinking his eyes tiredly open, he smashed his hand down on the alarm clock potientially breaking the shitty thing but it made his day at the least. Everything slowly flashed back, causing a small sound in the back of his throat as he blinked back the small tears from slipping. Breathing out heavily, Levi quickly slid his feet out of the warm covers already shivering from the chilly air accumlating around his bare legs. Yawning, the cub stretched his arms above his own head and quickly got out of bed, grabbing various article of clothing and heading into the bathroom. The shower relaxed Levi considerably, just the stress of a new routine and school was wearing on the teen. Breathing out heavily, he quickly finished up his shower and started dressing. Levi's attire consisted of black jeans, dark blue t-shirt and shoes to go with it. Thankfully, Levi's aunt had already left for her work so it would only be the cub alone... It helped a little to be alone especially since their would definietly be predators or different shifters or humans alike in the school. Raking a hand through his hair, the cub headed off to school which was far and yet he ran with the same inhuman speed of a cheetah. Slowing to a stop, he breathed in heavily staring at the school before him with a slight anxiety coursing through his system. Timidly walking through the double doors, Levi started toward the office with his eyes downcasted from the other student's mulling around.

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Nathaniel smiled at the girls before sending them off to their own classes. He walked into the classroom as he had no idea that his class would be getting a new student. He found a desk in the back; he sat down and sighed as he wondered if he would ditch school and go hunting. If he did then, his mother would find out and be mad at him and tell him to go hunting after school. He laid his head on the desk as he continued to decided what he was going to do.

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Once, Levi stepped through the doors of the office and already he could feel a pressure against his chest of fear. Gliding foreward, he spoke briefly with one of the office ladies without getting attacked verbally or get annoyed looks. Grabbing his schedule, he headed out toward his classroom which was a bit difficult to navigate around the hallways.. But, Levi timidly stepped through the doors and wasn't late whatsoever. He could already feel himself shrink at the gazes, not looking toward any of them and started toward the back keeping his eyes downcasted. If the teen could go without the day noticing any predators or anything then maybe, just maybe he won't shift unwillingly from the fear. Plopping down, the cub licked his lips nervously finding his gaze shifting up to meet a male gaze on him.. Predator! Levi shrunk back already feeling small tufts of ears sprouting from his head. No! No! He wouldn't shift, not right now... Levi chanted in his head with his teeth clamped together roughly and his eyes staying unmoving on his hands clasped together.. He was getting better, but being a cub scared of everything was straining especially since you had barely enough control when to shift or not...

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Nantaniel glanced up and eyed someone. The boy seemed new, but something felt odd. Prey? Maybe, but for one thing, his mother had told him to go for any animal smaller than a cub. He stared at him was he wonder what kind of animal he was.
"Nate!" A girl came running in with her two friends. "We forgot to say hello to you when you came in." She spoke before sitting on his desk; Nathaniel did not say anything. She placed her hand on his shoulder and smiled, "come to our lunch table for lunch." It was more of a demand than a question. Again, he did not say anything as he continued to look over at Levi.

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Levi could feel the eagles eyes on him, probably already sizing him up for food. Gulping quickly, he ignored the stare even though his skin rippled ever so slightly and could already feel the itch to shift to hide somewhere. Clenching his hands together on his lap, the cub noticed a women waltz through the doors with a scowl planted on her plump lips. Red heels clicked against the wood floor already causing Levi to flinch just by the sound or was it the never ending staring? Keeping his gaze toward his hand, the cub could already feel the intense feeling rising in the air almost choking him. Breathing in slowly, Levi tried to calm down from the insane thoughts of being eaten besides nobody would do anything when the teacher was there right?! Licking his chapped lips, the cub regretfully glanced toward Nate when he heard a girl. Seeing those piercing eyes almost gave him the chills and pulled the ears formed onto his head back. Levi quickly bowed his head, quickly looking away as he could already feel the shift to be triggered just by the threat near him. Not even thinking much of the repercussions, Levi threw himself past the others already hearing the snickers of others. It would be worse if he had changed ultimately especially being a teenager that still has the form of a cub when they shifted were frowned upon. Breathing out heavily, he dashed through the bathroom doors and just as the door closed... Levi shifted.... A cheetahs head poked out from the pile of clothes, wiggling out with a annoyed chirp falling from his lips. The cub shook his fur out, slowly seating himself being the bundle of clothes and hissed at what had happened... Shit! This wouldn't look good especially for his mother! Ugh.. Fuck!!

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Nathaniel kept his eagle eyes on the new kid. "Will you excuse me for a moment." He stood up and followed him to the bathroom. He heard the bathroom door shut; he began to contemplate on whether or not he would walk in. Considering that the boy was in there. He sighed and decided to wait in the hallway for him to come out. This better be an excellent idea or this would have been a waste of time. The eagle began to think to himself as he leaned against the wall next to the bathroom door.

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Levi contemplated his descion and knew that he couldn't just waltz back through those doors being a cheetah cub! It wouldn't work, he would be instantly attacked or eaten by something which caused more anxiety to rise. Pacing back and forth, the cub chirped to himself before finding a solution. Hide out in the bathroom until school was out! That would be okay especially since he was not at all keen to getting out of the bathroom. Quickly hiding his clothes which was a bit difficult in a sense, Levi propped his ear against the door hearing a faint pounding of someone's heart with their breath coming out heavily. Did he really get followed?? Hide!! The cub quickly scampered on the tiles just as the door opened, looking around frantically, Levi hid under a stall pushing himself in the corner watching for any feet appearing from his view. The fear accumlated quickly, overriding his concious thoughts to only instinct... Levi would hide, before scurrying out when the boy or man past his own stall. He wouldn't be someone's food tonight, let alone be a fucking birds meal. The scent accumlating near his nose was disgusting, but there was a distinct eagle scent mingling with the odors.

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Nathaniel sighed and then pushed the door open before closing it again. He locked the bathroom door so no one could get out nor in. He would just have to risk skipping his first class. The eagle took a deep breath in and then let it out as he let his thoughts sink in. "yes, I may be predator to you, but I only feed off of mice." He spoke to the cub before squatting down and looking under the stalls for him.

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There was one way out! Levi had to book it, before whoever caught him and scurried out toward the door. Unknowing to him, the cub tried to push it with full force and only fell backwards with a soft mewl escaping his lips in pain. It was quite frightening at the least especially when the kid picked Levi up off the ground. It felt awkward at first, since his mother was the only one that would really hold him by the scruff of his neck. Settling involunatarily, the cub tucked its butt up a bit closer to become a small ball with his tail flicking around. Levi stared at the male in front of him fearfully, eagles were hungry birds especially since they ate anything that they could. The cubs ears lowered against his head and withdrew his lips to hiss at the fellow holding him. The awful part, Levi couldn't talk unless with other shifters, who were in there animal form.. Even though they were not related, somehow shifters were able to communicate but only in close proximity of that individual. The cub was a bit frightened wondering what this predator would do to him.

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When he saw a small furry ball run towards the door before bouncing off. He soon picked him up and looked at him. "I do not eat cubs." He told him as he inspected the cub. He placed him down before shifting into an eagle; he spread his wings as to just stretch them. Even though he went hunting last night, he loved stretching his wings. "I told you that I do not eat cubs like you. I eat mice." He just looked at him as it was true that his mother told him to watch his diet.

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Levi eyes widened at the boy before him and quickly scrambled back when he was placed down. Watching the boy change, he already noticed the clothes piled beside his own and sat there listening to the eagle in front of him. So, you won't hurt me? Levi asked quietly in his head toward Nate. Breathing out slowly, the cub hunched down into the ground and slowly approached the bird in front of him. A small chirp escaped his lips as Levi sniffed the eagle tentaively with a cautious glance up toward the towering creature before him. Slowly sitting up, his nose brushed against his feathers as the cub sniffed a bit more. At some point, the cub had gotten use to the predator and was rubbing his cheek against a part of his wing already loving the soft fur against his own. You're really soft.. He mumbled to the other boy, before pulling back with his head bowed in embarrassment at what he had done. I never caught your name, I'm Levi...

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No, I will not hurt you. He thought back to him. Nathaniel watched as Levi chirp and then rub his nose against his feathers. Is there a reason why you were rubbing her head against my feathers? The eagle questioned Levi. I am Nathaniel, call me Nate if you want. It is nice to meet you. He answered him as he ruffled his feathers a bit. He watched the cub when he seem embarrassed.You are new here, right? Nate added in feeling a little bit too curious. Sighing he tilted his head as he wondered how a teenager could still be a cub. He glanced up when the bell rang as they had been in there for not even twenty minutes.

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Levi tilted his head up cutely staring up at the eagle, he blinked quickly before resuming his sniffing of Nate. It was quite embarrassing when the teen had brushed his cheek against the soft feathers. Uh.. They looked really soft.. He whispered softly toward Nate. Hm. I'm Levi. The cub chattered toward the eagle and slowly stood up from his crouch. Yes.. I know that you're wondering why I'm a cub and truthfully, I don't know either.. Levi stated truthfully tilting his head to the side watching the bird carefully. It felt oddly disturbing to be chatting with a predator especially when he could be easy prey and another thing, that little dweeb had locked them inside of the bathroom. Could he shift back with will? I'm sure it was easy unless he was really frightened, but Levi didn't sense a threat not even from the individual standing before him. Why did you follow me? Let alone try to talk to me? The cub asked curiously sniffing the air, before his head shot down once he sneezed. Uh.. Fucking always happened! Bringing his thoughts back to the task at hand, Levi stared up at the eagle exceptionally or well curiously.

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Nathaniel heard and listened to the cub. bless you. He said as he began to come up with a plan. Are you able to change back? The eagle asked Levi as he ruffled his feathers. He hoped the cub was able to shift back. He has never seen a shifter who ended up being a baby when they shifted into their animal form. It was very rare. You said that you do not know why this is happening? He thought to him as searched for a way to get him out of the bathroom without anyone seeing. He glanced from the window to the door. If you cannot shift on command, I will get you out. I will only help you this once. You are on your own after this. He informed Levi as he grabbed his clothes and flew himself into the bathroom stall; he locked the door with his talons before shifting back to his human form. He put his clothes back on and walked out. I hope this works. He thought to himself as found Levi's clothes and folded them up. The eagle held out his hand for the cub to climb onto. he cold not believe it, it he was helping what could have been his prey.

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(Hey, Jack can you make this longer a bit.. Well, when you have the time)

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((yeah, sure. Give me a moment. I was on my iPod.))

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( Its okay ^.^ I was just asking )

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Thank you! Levi tilted his head not knowing the answer, so when the eagle went into a stall. He tried to shift back yet it didn't work, so he would have to probably wait for sometime being a freaken small baby.. It annoyed him to no extent that he hadn't grown as a teenager cheetah. It was like world was playing a cruel game on him, just the thought of Nate helping brought shivers to rack his tiny body. Pressing down against the floor as he watched the predator grab his belongings. One, since I'm a cub when I shift well I don't have much control over my shifting. I know how to do it, but my animal is just a prey, who will hide from others so you get jest of it.. Levi glanced up curiously watching his hand almost like they would latch onto him in one fatal swoop. Breathing out heavily, the cub tentaively stepped up into his hands with cautious eyes. In one quick movement, Levi could be dead or even played with like some creatures in the forest do.

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Nate unlocked the bathroom door before checking to see if anyone was coming down the hall. Good to note that no one was there at all. He brought the cub close to him as he checked and double checked. Once outside, he walked around to the back before texting one of the girls in the class to bring both their bags out back once the bell rings for second period. The eagle placed the cub down with the clothes next to him; Nathaniel sat down next to Levi and sighed. He began to think on whether or not his mother had a book on shapeshifters. He wanted to tell Levi that they could fix the problem, but it would take a while. That is if his mother had the book. This was wasting his time, yet he did not know what to do. Predator helping prey is a) forbidden and b) is very rare. The problem was he was the predator and Levi was and is the prey.

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Levi stayed in his hands trying to hardly breathe especially since he could practically feel the intensity in the air. Keeping himself pressed against the teen, the cub watched everything fly by as the teen walked past lockers upon lockers with nobody in sight. It felt unnerving, especially since Nate was risking or well wasting his precious time with a cheetah cub... Why would he help him? It seemed quite unlike a predator to be helping him, let alone dumb. Not that, Levi minded especially since he was not at all prepared to deal with any predators even though it was unavoidable and he needed to stay in school as for tomorrow. Today, Levi didn't mind being helped out unless the eagle was just pretending, so he could be lured into a trap to his death. Hm.. It seemed unlikely since Nate had been cautious leaving with him in his arms. The rough gravel touched his palms causing him to be pulled from his thoughts, glancing around the cub slide under the car not really liking the light sounds of feet falling toward them. Become way smaller, Levi hid under the car with his hair slowly sticking up from the smell of another animal, which was indeed a predator..

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Once his bag was brought to him. He glanced down at the front wheel of the car; Nate motioned for him to come out. He stuffed Levi's clothes into his own backpack before shifting into his eagle form. I told you that this is my last time, but I promise you there is something that my mother might have, He informed him as he stretched his wings. that I want to show you. I hope you are not afraid of heights. He flew up before making his way down and grabbing his bag in one talon and the cub in the other. I was planning on skipping any ways. He shrugged that off as he flew to his house. It was not long until they arrived. It was nice to have his bedroom window open. He never closed it unless there was going to be some kind of storm, but other than that, he liked keeping it open. He swooped in after swinging his bag in.

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Levi slowly crawled out from under the car with his ears pulled back against his head in slight fear. He kept himself pressed against the gravel listening to the eagle that changed places from the human, the teen had to admit that Nate wasn't that bad looking if he was gay that is or was he? The teen could never really differentiate his sexuality or how he was a growing young adult with a cub still has his form. What? Why?!!!! Yowling in surprise, the cub tried to grip on anything but how he was grabbed kept him from grabbing hold of the eagle swooping up in the sky. Levi pulled himself into a ball with his eyes closed tightly, wondering if the eagle would actually drop the frightened teen to his death. Breathing out heavily through his nose, the cub blinked down noticing the clouds and the various landmarks underneath him. It was actually breathtaking to see especially being above everything, it would have been nice to shift into an eagle maybe even something that wasn't so fucking small or easy prey! Once they landed into Nate's room, well he assumed. Levi pranced foreward flicking his ears left and right with a curious glance around. The cub seemed to quiver from excitement or fear from the height, either one really.. He sniffed the air, before turning back to a teen fully clothed.

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Nathaniel let Levi drop once he was was less than a foot down. He found his perch and landed on it before jumping down and changing back into his human form again. He changed quickly and looked at Levi. The eagle soon left the room and scurried down stairs to see if his mother had the book he was thinking of. It took him a while, but he soon found it. "Here." He placed it on the bed." He told him as he moved away from the door. "This is the last time I will help you." The eagle reminded him as he sat down. He loved skipping even though he that he would never graduate high school if he did skip. He glanced the cub up and down. "You can leave if you want."

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Levi shook his fur out with a small yawn escaping the cub and quickly turned his gaze to the boy. Watching him throw the book down on the bed with a faint thud. He wanted to converse with the boy, but he was still in his shifted form. Backing up from the bed, Levi wiggled his butt before pushing foreward and pulling the rest of him up on the bed. Glancing toward the eagle quickly, the cub flicked the book open with his nose gazing at the words printed on the page. Slowly, he seated himself down on the bed with his head tilted slightly as he read. A small chirp escaped his lips glancing toward the teenager when he was done with that page and didn't move until he started pawing at his hand for him to turn the page. It was odd being in a room with a predator, someone that could easily kill him without a flick of their talons. The cub pulled his ears back, before perking up at the sounds around him. For some unexplainable reason, Levi wanted to run around especially since he was practically cooped up in the bathroom which was his own fault. His mother would be piss.... Mom! Shit, she could be worrying about me if the teacher's told the principal's office! I already told her that I would be good! Ugh.. This day was turning for the worst ever....

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Nate looked at the cub when he opened the book. He turned the pages until he stopped at where the cub needed to look at. The eagle yawned knowing that he did not know what to say. It really felt weird. He held his hand out for Levi to sniff. He sighed, "I hope this helps." He told him as he thought maybe he could shift again. He finally stood and transformed again as his clothes fell to the floor. I hope this helps. You do know how to shift back into your human form? He thought to the cub. Here is the book. Would you like me to fly you home? The eagle added in.

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Levi listened to Nate with a small tilt of his head and a small chirping noise came from the cheetah. He quickly glanced at the paper, reading the contents on the paper with great interest and quickly shook his fur out. He tentaively sniffed Nate's hand, before shrinking back when he shifted back into an eagle. I can't shift back with you in the room! The cub cried toward the eagle already feeling his body relaxing.. He wanted to shift back, but not in front of the eagle perched on the bed like nothing. No, I'll walk home once I shift back, but thank you.. He thought politely seated back down on the bed watching the bird curiously or well kinda waiting for the kid to leave or point him to the nearest bathroom to change. The cub yawned just after the eagle, shaking his head ever so slightly, it wasn't that late really. But, he felt extremely tired for some unknown reason. Maybe, it was just everything that had ensued especially shifting into a cub and practically hiding in the bathroom until this jubrone grabbed him. The teen would say catnapped, but he was actually willing to be cared maybe not at the predators house and all, but he couldn't change what happened.

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The eagle looked at the cub before flying out of the room. He perched on the top of the stairs after hearing Levi answer. It did feel weird with what was so called 'prey'. Yet he felt comfortable. He spread his wings as he waited for Levi to shift back. At this point he could fly back only to get his car and stay at school. Maybe there was no use in hunting today. To Nathaniel, hunting was something he loved to do when he just needed to move or needed some excitement. But today already had its excitement. Predator helping prey. If his mother found out, or ended up smelling his room, he would be in trouble.

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Levi watched the eagle fly away out of the room, he jumped carefully down before trying to trigger a change. The teen slowly shifted back into a human which took a bit longer then he expected. Pulling on his clothes that he wore in the morning, Levi raked a hand through his hair with a slightly distasteful feeling at the thought of going home. It would only involve severe punishment from running out of the classroom finally getting his bearings, the cub opened the door to find the eagle perched on the top step. "Uh.. I'm done," He whispered softly gesturing behind himself. Levi slowly walked over crouching at his level with a small chuckle, "You know when I'm human, eagles don't seem that scary maybe a little bit bigger then I would think," He said thoughtfully.

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He waited patiently insure when the cub epiglottis shift. When he saw him walk out, he knew that Levi just needed sons peace. Nathaniel screeched at her before flying in and getting the book; he flew out of is room and held it kid for him to take home. The began to think of a way to get rid of the the prey smell. His mom would go nuts if she found out that he had a cub in the house with out her knowing. But for a different reason. Well, maybe for both predator helping prey and he did not even eat the cub.

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Levi pushed himself up, after getting startled at the screech already wanting to shift back.. But, he needed to stay as human for the sake of helping Nate and getting home. "What am I supposed to tell you? I don't know how to get my smell out of your room," He stated with a slight shrug as he sat on the bed with the book opened out on his lap. "Will your mom really try to kill me or something?" The cub asked quietly glancing toward the teen with a frown. "You seem nice enough except for your slight demeanor of looking like you want to eat something," He whispered the last part raking a hand through his dishevelled hair. "Maybe, put a lot of cologne or febreeze everything," The teen suggested with a quick glance around. "I would suggest pretending I was killed by cutting a small part of my wrist or whatever, but I don't think it will sell it," He spoke nonchantally with his gaze out the window.

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