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message 1: by Kezia (new)

Kezia Palmer | 107 comments Mod
What was your favourite part about this book? Was there anything unique about this book that you liked?After reading this, are you excited to see the movie?

message 2: by Kezia (new)

Kezia Palmer | 107 comments Mod
This was my first time reading something that was less young adult and more adult. I really enjoyed how realistic the book was and how it showed how people actually would act. Even though I didn't like the ending at the same time I did like it. You knew what would happen and I hoped that that the event wouldn't happen but it still did and I really respect Moyes for writing it. And yes I am excited to see the movie when it comes out June 3.

message 3: by Natália (new)

Natália Lopes (silkcaramel) I gave in to the hype surrounding this book and I'm glad I did, because I adored it. The writing just flowed beautifully and it got me up all night reading. See Lou and Will's relationship develop was amazing. I actually could relate a lot to Lou, her struggles with her family and her sister. I actually liked the Clark family dynamic and actually laughed out loud at some things.
I really liked and respected how Moyes breached the subject on Will's disability and how disabled people live with it, the hardships, the routines, the sacrifices, the pain, the humilitation and the way you don't have control over things anymore. So, I actually liked the ending, and how it made Lou stronger and more independent. My only complaint was that I was fully prepared to be a sobbing mess by the end of the epilogue, or even after the last chapter, but I was barely teary-eyed. Idk, I guess knowing and making peace with what would happen made the entire thing less emotional to me. It was still sad and I wanted more time with Will and Lou and to see, maybe, their relationship bloom to a more romantic one, but I accepted what we got.
Can't wait for the movie!

message 4: by Kyla (new)

Kyla Harris (ourbookworlds) I loved this book so much! I didn't think I would, like at all. maybe like it at the most but I ending up reading this book in 24hrs totally adored itXD

message 5: by Kezia (new)

Kezia Palmer | 107 comments Mod
Yeah I thought I would cry more but I didn't actually really cry at all maybe it's like you said that I had come to terms about the ending.

message 6: by Lorryn (new)

Lorryn Woodward I'm actually in the middle of it right now. I am really liking it. I don't like Lou's family but I love her and Will.

message 7: by Grace Meredith (new)

Grace Meredith (koreantrash) Ahhhh, this was pure heaven to read. Lou and Will had such a chemistry, am I right? I can't wait to see the movie. I've heard that it's not fantastic, but the actors really pull it through.

message 8: by Kezia (new)

Kezia Palmer | 107 comments Mod
I really enjoyed the movie. I felt that it portrayed the novel really well but that could just be me.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

I loved the book! I'm not really into contemporaries but I read this book because of the movie. I think what I liked most about the book was the writing, it flows really well and makes it really easy to get into the story. Also the characters are what make the book so good, I mean I loved Lou right from the start, and loved Will eventually after he stopped being annoying. The movie hasn't been released in my country yet, so I'm still eagerly awaiting it, but I hope it's really good.

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