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message 1: by Kezia (new)

Kezia Palmer | 107 comments Mod
This is the third book of the series. How are you guys liking the series so far? Who do you ship Celaena with? Do you think this book has been better than the first two? What was your favourite part of the book?

message 2: by Kimmie (new)

Kimmie Larsen (fillmewithwords) | 49 comments Mod
At first I was so frustrated with the characters and I felt the book was moving slowly because of them but once I got about half way through it was absolutely amazing. I still ship Caleana with Dorean even though I'm pretty sure that's the unpopular ship. I thought that the world building and character back stories in the book were so epic and amazing. I just love Caleana as a character because she's so determined and she works so hard and go through so much and is so resilient.

message 3: by Luke (new)

Luke Taylor I'm going to read Heir of Fire in a few weeks! :D

message 4: by Kezia (new)

Kezia Palmer | 107 comments Mod
It took a while but I finally finished. I really enjoyed it once I got into it. I ship her with Rowan right now but I feel like that might change in the next book because it's been like that with every single book so far. I'm excited to read Queen of Shadows though.

message 5: by Natália (new)

Natália Lopes (silkcaramel) I just started this one. I'm really liking Manon's chapters, they are interesting. And Socha and Dorian are so cute, omg! I'm glad he's not as alone in this book as he was in book 2, having someone to share his worries and help him deal with his new powers. Also Chaol, my poor bb, I want to hug him. At least in last book he had Cealena, but now she's away, he's stranged from Dorian, his father is breathing on his neck all the time and he has to deal with Aedion, while still trying to help his friend and the girl he loves.
About Rowan...I don't know how I feel about him yet, it's too soon into the book and I barely got to understand him as a character. Let's see. I don't see myself shipping RowanxAelin/Cealena, because from Throne of Glass I shipped CealenaxChaol, and even after the end of Crown of Midnight my heart holds a little bit of hope for them. Anyway, let's wait and see.

message 6: by Kezia (new)

Kezia Palmer | 107 comments Mod
It took the whole book for me to fall in love with Rowan but at the beginning I totally felt the exact same way. I did ship Chaol and Celaena in Crown of Midnight too but I don't anymore

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