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{Name}Samar Lunis Flare
{Nickname}Sammie, Lunis,Samar or Fire+Ice
{Age} Same Age as Lucius Malfoy
{Birthday}May 9th
{Relationship Status}Single

>>Spending time with her master
>>Holy water
Samar is known to be one of the most Loyal and understanding servants in the palace of Death Row. She's very obiediant when she needs to be but when outside of the palace she's distructive bitchy and listens to no one (Lucius's the only exception). In otherwords she's loving and she takes care of business. She's very self motivated.

{Species} Fire and Ice Fox Demon
>>Control of Fire and Ice
>>Shift Into Red or White Fox
>>Self Motivation

{Hair} Blonde
{Eyes} Sometimes changes colors. Blue when she's happy,Purple when she's feeling seductive, and Red when she's pissed
{Height} 6'2"
{Weight}None of your business
{Style} Leather and Lace only
Samar was born somehow into the world and was found by Lucius when they were both babies(She was in fox form until she was 13 years old). From that point onward they grew up together and as they got older they became closer friends and she decided to be his servant. Some people think she's just his sex toy which isn't true. When he ended up with a Son she tried to keep her distance from him knowing that someday he'd know she's just a servant for his father.

NONE They abandoned her!


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" Are you ever afraid of the dark? you shouldnt be, I am always gonna be right here, even though the dark consumes us all at some point, i wil be here for you and only you until the day you die,"

► • Name • ◄

Full Name: Evergreen " Evie/Eva" Finn Snape

First Name Meaning: Having an enduring freshness, success, or popularity.
Middle Name Meaning: Fair
Last Name Meaning: snape. v. also sneap, "to be hard upon, rebuke, revile, snub," early 14c., from Old Norse sneypa "to outrage, dishonor, disgrace," probably related to similar-sounding words meaning "cut" (cf. snip (v.)). Verbal meaning "bevel the end (of a timber) to fit an inclined surface" is of uncertain origin or connection.

Nicknames: Evie ( Malfoy only ), Eve, Ever, Eva, Snape, Ball of Fluff ( Harry only (( she hates him and the nickname )) ), Miracle ( Severus ), Malfoy 2.0. ( Vincent/Greg and everyone else )

► • Birth • ◄

Species: Half Witch - Half Veela
Powers: Veela are thought to have their own type of magic which does not require a wand. When Veela are angry, however, they transform into something more like Harpies — their faces turn into cruel-beaked bird heads while long scaly wings burst from their shoulders, and they can launch balls of fire from their hands

Gender: Female

Age: 13 years old
Birthday: February 14th
Birth Place: Paris, France
Birth Time: 2:00 AM

Race: White/Caucasian
Nationality: French
Languages ( Speaks ): French, English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Indian

► • Appearance• ◄

Face Claim: Sasha Pieterse

Hair: Its currently white with blue and red streaks, was born with blonde though
Eyes: Odd Bright Blue
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 127 Lbs ( She packs quite a punch )
Dressing Styles:

► • Biography • ◄

House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pureblood
Year: Third
Patronus: Black Stallion

Personality: Evergreen Snape is well what you call an sarcastic little asshole, shes basically Malfoys twin according to her father Severus. Shes always up and moving, and is never sitting down. Evergreen is said to be loud and annoying and is always talking and cracking jokes, as said as before she is sarcastic, shes actually majorly sarcastic. Evergreen is an narcissistic bitch, who like Draco Malfoy is a big bully and always boasts about her family's wealth and fame.

History: Evergreen " Evie / Eva" Finn Snape, was born in Paris, France, weighing at 4 pounds when she was born, she was instantly given the name Evergreen by her father Severus Snape. Evergreen grew up. She was the only baby Severus would ever have, one day, Severus held her in his arms and whispered, " You'll always be my little ray of sunshine," when she grew up, Evergreen loved that nickname her father gave her. It made her happy to think that she finally was some mans daughter, Evergreen was eleven when she was finally shipped off to Hogwarts.

Special Skills:
- Speaks seven languages, including animal, which was not added
- Sarcasticity
- Smarter then most female humans

► • Family • ◄

Severus Snape - Father
Unknown - Mother
Zachariah Snape - Twin Brother

Nemo - Pet Cat Severus had gotten her for her birthday

► • Sexuality • ◄

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Crush: None (( Pssh! none she says, Evergreen has a major crush on Draco, it is known by everyone ))

" Let me grab your hand and show you what I can do to make you happy,"

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You want to start?

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Lucius sat at his desk in his office at home, he thought about the Evergreen girl his son had been talking about lately at home and through letters, he didn't know Severus had a daughter, he never knew at all. Lucius began to wonder about that for a while before he called for Samar, he was thirsty and a little hungry and was gonna ask if she could make him something or get something for him. He tapped his fingers on his desk, he wanted to meet this evergreen girl, he liked her name and liked that she made his son happy.


Evergreen was narrowing her eyes at something, her mind focusing on what was in front of her, a scared first year, she smirked and asked if for its muggle lollipop, she loved muggle lollipops and knew that Draco just hated it how she ate them. Evergreen loved ticking him off at some points, it made her laugh, once the small child handed her the unwrapped lollipop, she kindly sent the small child on its way once she received her lollipop.

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Draco was walking through the hall of Hogwarts wondering where he was going to find Evie this time she was always wondering off where ever she pleased. He smiled as he saw her backside knowing her hair anywhere. He saw that a small first year had given her something. “Making the first year feel welcomed at Hogwarts?” He asked wrapping his arms around her. He loved giving her a hug from behind because she never expected it. He also loved the sweet scent of her perfume. “Did you miss me over the summer Evie?” He whispered the question honestly wondering.


Samar was walking through the Malfoy mansion wearing her pink lace dress knowing that she needed to be making her master’s breakfast at this time. She made him Boysenberry waffles and eggs just the he always liked it. Why doesn’t his wife cook for him? She wondered still thinking that they were an odd couple from the beginning but she always thought it was best to keep her thoughts to herself. She had been Lucius’ servant girl since they were younger. People often thought that Lucius that he was too fond of her which she couldn’t see. He is married and happy with that woman. She always thought when she heard that from the peanut gallery.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Evergreen actually gasped when she felt Draco's arms around her, but she always leaned into them when she relaxed, she laughed when he spoke of the first year she had scared off. " Yes I always make them feel welcomed don't I?" Evergreen says with a laugh. Then when he asked her about the summer, she sighed softly, " Of course I missed you, Draco when your gone my heart bursts into shards," Evergreen mumbled softly, she then popped the lollipop out of her mouth.


Lucius sighed, he had sent this Evergreen girl a letter, thanking her for making his son happy, he hoped she got it by tonight, since he wrote it when he had first awakened at dawn. Lucius began to think of how he remembered his dream, well nightmare really, a small girl, aged five, playing with his son at some daycare Narcissa had picked out to put their son in when they were out and Samar was busy with the house. Lucius's eyes widened, inside the nightmare Evergreen wasn't an Snape, she was a Martin, " Her parents died to Voldemort, and all I did was save her and give her to strangers," Lucius mumbled, a line exactly from his nightmare, something brought him out of his daydream state, the whiff of food.

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Draco smiled still holding onto Evie he couldn’t help but feel happier around her. “You do greet them well and they seem to give you the most annoying Muggle peace offerings.” He said in response when he smelled the sweet watermelon Lollipop she had just took out of her mouth. “Why do you like those things?” He asked being curious because he had never asked her before. All he knew is that she seemed to like them. Maybe she does it to frustrate me. He thought to himself then he turned her around because he wanted to see if she had changed much during the summer.


Samar sighed as she carried the food into Lucius’ study for him. “I made you your favorite Luc.” She said as she set the food down in front of him knowing that he is bound to be happy about it. She also placed a nice cup of coffee down next to her. “You woke up very early this morning.” She noted out loud. She remembered hearing him cry in his sleep he must have had a nightmare of some sort. “Did you not sleep well Luc?” She asked as she stepped back not wanting him to catch a whiff of her irresistible perfume.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " I like the muggle lollipops because they taste good and they tick you off when I eat them," Evergreen says with a grin, she looked at him when he spun her around, she gave him a genuine smile. Evergreen really missed him over the summer, she almost jumped when an hand touched her shoulder, she realized it was her father Snape who passed her and touched her shoulder before disappearing.


Lucius sighed," No, I had that horrible nightmare again about that five year old girl and my boy, and Voldemort, I know the name Evergreen from somewhere, I'm pretty sure I saved her from Voldemort when her parents died, and I gave her off to an old couple because me and my wife couldn't care for her, but that's all I remember, I don't remember anything else, the only other thing I really remember is that she had one real father," Lucius mumbled.

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“Well I’m glad that they amuse you so much.” He smirked as he reached into his pocket knowing that he had brought her something like he did every year since he met her. He opened her right hand and gave her a bouquet of Muggle Lollipops. “I thought that you would like these though they annoy the hell out of me.” He said knowing that he might get a hug for this move. He had more up his sleeve but he wanted to give her time to enjoy the first thing he had for her. “I thought you would like variety since you always tend to get the watermelon kind.” He chuckled hoping that she would smile and feel happy. He was sure that Potter would wreck the moment like he normally did. That really pissed Draco off when that happened but to his surprise Potter and his annoying gang was nowhere in sight. He let out a sigh of relief just knowing that there would be no interruptions to this cute moment.


“That’s peculiar Luc. Has Narcissa given you any of the herbal tea I made to calm your nerves at night?” She asked him because she made him the teas for that exact reason. “Draco seems really attached to that Evergreen girl. It’s almost like they’re meant for each other.” She added smiling gently at the back of Lucius’ head. She really loved this man to pieces but she couldn’t tell him how she felt because she knew that it would most likely ruin things between him and Narcissa. That was the last thing she wanted especially when he seemed very in love with his wife. I really wish that he would love me the way he does his wife. She thought feeling herself frown knowing that her hopes would only give her misery.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Evergreen looked at Draco and then at the bouquet of muggle lollipops, her eyes widened and she smiled, she took them gently fro, his hands and hugged him tightly. " You always seem to surprise me Drac," Evergreen mumbled as she kept her arms around him.


Lucius chuckled, " Draco is super attached, all summer he talked and talked his tongue off about her, I'm pretty sure they are made for each other, because the way he talks about her, it sounds as if she is Draco's twin instead of his love interest, as for the tea my dear Samar, that woman gives me nothing at night, why in the world would she give me tea," Lucius says, he snapped about the last part, not really meaning to be mean to Samar.

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Draco wrapped his arms around Evie when she hugged him. “I love surprising you because you always have the best smile no matter what it is I surprise you with.” He said then he kissed her forehead. “I’m guessing that your father took you to the Strawberry festival again during the summer.” He remembered that she said that was her favorite thing to go to during the summer. He knew that things were going to be cut short soon because he could hear the snarky voice of the Mudblood coming close. That is when his facial expressions changed from happy to just plain aggrevated. Why does she have to come down this hall? He wondered feeling very irritated.


“I apologize if I have made you irritated Luc.” She backed up knowing that if she did say the wrong thing that it wouldn’t be a good thing to be too close. “I honestly think that Draco loves her because that one day in the middle of the summer where you asked me to take Draco out because you and Narcissa were busy. He was looking for something to get for her and I do say he really went out of his way because he asked me to take him to a Muggle candy shop.” She told him knowing that he may want to know what a Romantic his son was trying to be. If only Luc would do that for me. She thought as she messed with her lacy dress.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " He first said no, but you know I very persuasive, so yeah he did take me to the Strawberry festival this summer," Evergreen says with a smile, then she noticed the tension in the air and realized the mudblood was coming this way, then she heard Harry's voice, " If he calls me Ball of Fluff, I am going to murder him, and don't stop me this time," Evergreen mumbled as she slowly let go of Draco.


Lucius sighed, " Sorry to snap, it's just that my wife is seriously pissing me off these days, as for Draco, he can be romantic when he wants something, and I can tell he really loves Evergreen, if he went out of his way to get her muggle candy, then be really wants to be with her, because like me, Draco hates Muggles and anything to do with Muggles," Lucius says with a smile.

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“I won’t stop you.” He whispered nipping her earlobe playfully knowing that she would giggle like she normally did. He smirked watching the trio walk by and he decided that he would use his wand for some Mischief. He watched as the magic worked on Potter and Weasley’s pants making them fall down instantaneously. He started to snicker as the two struggled to pull their pants up because the magic kept pulling them down. Once they were gone he let the magic wear off and he looked at Evie. “I’m glad that you got to go. Who knows maybe next summer you and I can go somewhere together. What do you think?” He asked her hoping that she would like the idea.


“It’s okay Luc, I understand and I’ve noticed that you both have been arguing a lot lately.” Samar was being honest about what she had noticed. “Draco is a sweet boy when he wants to be. He’s like you in that aspect. I find it sweet that he loves her that much. I just hope that one day I’m able to find someone that loves me.” She looked at Lucius and couldn’t help but wonder if he had secrets that his wife realized.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Evergreen had giggled when he nipped her earlobe playfully, she then burst into an fit of laughter when Draco used some magic to make the Weasely and Potter's pants fall down. When he spoke about next summer, she knew at once her father would probably let her and him hang out next summer, " Yeah, maybe we can hang out next summer," Evergreen murmured.


Lucius stopped what he was doing and he looked at Samar, " Skmeone does love you," Lucius says, then he smiled, " I know Draco for one loves you, I love you, Narcissa, I don't know really, but yes, Draco is a sweet boy when he wants to be, he's like me in every way, I think it's sweet he found his soul mate in a girl who's as dark as he, as dark as me, as dark as the lord himself," Lucius says.

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Draco couldn’t help but smile at the fact he was able to make Evie laugh. He then looked at her when he heard what she murmured to him. “It would be amazing spending the summer with you just doing whatever we want. I know that you like to do a lot of things during the summer and I look forward to making it the best.” He looked into her eyes making sure that she knew that he meant what he had said and wasn’t joking. That’s when he decided that he would open up and show her his feelings. He slowly leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. He had been wanting to do this for years but never had the guts to do so. When he pulled himself away he decided to let out his thought as well. “I love you Evie.”

“I understand that I have the family type of love of you guys but I’ll never have the type of love you and Draco have for the women you’re with. I just wish the person I love would love me back but I know that will never happen.” She said her eyes starting to tear up as she thought about all the times Lucius had almost shown the feelings. He had never even kissed her before. “I just don’t know what to do anymore but I hope that you enjoy yourbreakfast.” She walked out of the room not wanting Lucius to see her cry.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Evergreen had smiled when Draco spoke, but when she felt his lips on hers, she had kissed him back before he pulled away, when he said he loved her, she blushed and couldn't find her words. Evergreen continuously tried to find her wording, and finally she found her voice, " I love you too Draco," Evergreen says.


Lucius stood to try and stop her, but sighed and sat down, he tangled his fingers into his hair, just wanting to pull it out and scream to the sky, he felt something snap inside of him, as if something had happened, he instantly knew his son had confessed his love for this Evergreen girl, he didn't do anything, since it didn't hurt. Lucius began thinking about Samar.

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Draco smirked taking Evie’s hand knowing that they should head to whatever class they needed to go to. “I will never forget today.” He said before kissing her once more. After pulling away he opened the classroom door for her. He motioned for her to go ahead and step inside. Once she was in the class he sat down beside her. Draco knew that they were going to get stared at by the other students but he could care less what everyone else thought. “Don’t worry about Potter and his friends.” He whispered and nipped her ear playfully again.
Samar had a feeling that Draco had confessed his love for the girl and this made her cry even more because she knew Lucius would never confess any feelings to her. I might have to tell him how I feel. She thought to herself as she stopped crying. Samar walked back to Lucius’ study and sighed as she opened the door. “Lucius, I think that it would time that I talk to you about something that I have been holding in for a very long time.” She said approaching his chair with that she touched his hand. “I have been in love with you all these years and Narcissa has always been in the way.” She confessed trying so hard not to cry.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Evergreen had followed Draco into the classroom, she smiled softly as they sat in they're seats, which were right next to each other, she smiled when she heard him whisper in her ear, and then she giggled when he nipped her ear playfully. People were staring and boy were the girls jealous of Evergreen, one even got the courage to stand up and yell out Slut towards Evergreen, Evergreen kept her cool and ignored the girl who called her slut.


Lucius was about to say something but Samar came in and started speaking, his eyes widened and he stared at Samar, " W-what?" Lucius asked, thinking that he hadn't heard her right.

(( sorry the Lucius one is short ))

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Draco looked at the girl that had called his beautiful Evie a name and used his magic to zip her lips until she was spoken to. “That’ll shut you up.” He muttered knowing that the girl would hear what he said. He didn’t like the way the other girls acted around Evergreen it bugged him how jealous they got of her. “I don’t want you to ever think that of yourself.” He whispered in her ear wanting to make sure that she knew that he thought of the world of her. He couldn’t see himself being with anyone else.

Samar looked at Lucius and said, “I’ve been in love with you for years.” She looked down at the hand she was holding onto. “Your wife has always been in the way when I wanted to tell you how I feel. I couldn’t bear to tell you when Draco was born because I didn’t think that it would be right.” She added as her hand let go of Luc’s hand and moved to where she could stroke his face.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " Draco, I'm not an idiot, I know I'm not a slut, she is just some stupid little kid who doesn't know the actual meaning of the word, plus she's just jealous that I got the greatest guy in the world," Evergreen replied with a smile. She looked at him and gently kissed his cheek as if saying everything was okay, an owl flew in and settled itself on her desk, she grabbed the letter in its beak and instantly recognized the handwriting, " Why would your father be sending me a letter? Exactly how much do you talk about me at home?" Evergreen asked Draco.


Lucius was flabbergasted, " I can't believe this, I really cant believe this, all this time you were in love with me and you never told me? Samar! I spent years being quiet, being stupid, I spent my years living with the woman I didn't love, you kept this from me? I mean yeah I guess I should've told you myself that I was in love with you, but really Samar? You waited this long?" Lucius asked.

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Draco smiled when he got a gentle kiss on his cheek. When he saw his father’s handwriting on the envelope that was addressed to Evergreen. When she asked him about why she would get a letter from Lucius he honestly didn’t know the answer. “I talked about you a lot over the summer but didn’t think my dad would write you a letter. I hope it is a nice letter.” He answered her questions and watched her open the envelope. “I did say that I missed you a lot over the summer.” He remembered because there were a few days that he was very irritable.

Samar looked at Lucius seeing that he seemed very irritated and confused. “Well I didn’t know that you weren’t really in love with your wife.” She said and listened to him until he was completely finished. “When you love someone you wait forever because you never know one day they might tell you.” She moved toward him and gently kissed him.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Evergreen chuckled, " Sometimes Draco I do not understand how someone like you could love me that much," Evergreen says as she tilted her head and read the letter a little bit out loud to herself, the owl stayed on her desk, she didn't say a word to it, then it hooted and she looked down at its ankle, it had a little muggle lollipop tied to its ankle. Evergreen smiled, " It's a good letter, he sent this to thank me for making your life a little better," Evergreen says as she unwrapped the strawberry lollipop, she popped it into her mouth.


Before Lucius could say anything at all, Samars lips were on his own, he was surprised and felt guilty, but it felt so right, he soon began to kiss her back, he placed an hand on her hips.

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"I'm glad that he had something good to say though him and my mother haven't been getting a long much lately. My mother has been trying to get him to fire his servant Samar who he has known since he was younger." Draco said deciding that Evie deserved to know since she was now considered his girlfriend. He took a hold of her hand hoping that nothing would make them both angry in this class.


Samar felt Lucius' hand on her hip and melted at his touch. This had been something she had been longing for a very long time. The kiss felt very passionate once Lucius gave in and her arms slowly draped around his neck. She pulled away slightly to say,"I love you Lucius Malfoy." She whispered with her lips still brushing lightly against his.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Evergeen removed her lollipop from her mouth to answer Draco, " That's actually horrible, when my father met my mother, he told me that she had always tried to get rid of my fathers male servant, in whom he has known since the day he was born, that was one reason why she left me and him after I was born," Evegreen murmured softly, she gave his hand an reassuring squeeze and then popped the lollipop back into her mouth.


Lucius smiled softly, " I love you too Samar Flare," Lucius says softly, smiling at the lips barely touching, but brushing against his own, it was driving Lucius crazy that he couldn't do what he wanted to Samar, he hated how his wife was home, he hated how she wanted him to get rid of Samar, he would never get rid of Samar, just as Severus Snape never got rid of Kyle Layhey, the Snapes loyal servant. Lucius thought of Samar like she was Kyle, but only because he had heard stories of Kyle protecting Snape and whomever this evergreen girl was many times from death eaters who wanted to punish Severus for falling in love and wanted to punish Evergreen for being born, he said nothing else to Samar as he thought about how his wife wanted to get rid of his friend.

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