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Good evening (or morning, or afternoon, wherever you are!) Midnight Readers!

We hope you're enjoying Truthwitch so far and if you've finished, it's time to discuss the book and series as a whole! What did you like, what did you absolutely despise? Talk about whatever you want!

Feel free to respond to other members' posts and leave your opinion on their opinion aha just keep it friendly :)

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Little Bee (littlebeesreads) I couldn't get past the first couple of pages :(

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Lizz Martensen (lizz_m) | 3 comments Oh my goodness, I LOVED this book. I actually had a hard time starting another because I was a little too obsessed with these characters (well, Iseult and Aeduan in particular).

I felt like the charters were really well developed and grew both as individuals and together throughout the book. I also loved that the real connection in the story was between Safi and Iseult - best friends and Threadsisters instead of relying on the romantic relationship to be the driving force of the plot. It was a refreshing change from typical YA.

I agree that the world building could have been better - I would have liked for it to have happened in a more purposeful way at the beginning of the book, rather than slowly peppered throughout the whole story. I feel like that is a trend right now, to keep things a "secret" and let them be slowly revealed - it isn't my favorite writing ploy :)

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Lizz Martensen (lizz_m) | 3 comments Here is a guide to pronouncing names, I too felt like it was hard to read :)

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Lizz Martensen (lizz_m) | 3 comments Mariana wrote: "I agree with what some of you have already said, the beginning was kinda confusing, I guess that because it starts off in the middle of an action scene so we don't have any real time to get into th..."

I'm totally with you in hoping Aeduan turns out to be a good guy (I'm over here happily shipping him and Iseult).

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i haven't even finished reading yet (i'm actually only on page 130 or so) but i started shipping the Bloodwitch (who i assume is Aeduan?) and Iseult from the moment he chased her through the crowds and forced her to escape the city and go back to her Nomatsi tribe. even though he's a Voidwitch i hope he ends up not being evil.

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