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Casey Plett
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Casey Pletts' "Rise of the Gender Novel" article

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Content warning: the article briefly discusses novels involving transphobic and transmisogynistic violence, and sexual assault, suicide, and general transphobia and transmisogyny.

I thought others may appreciate reading this article on the issue of transgender narratives becoming a fad with cisgender authors, and why this can be harmful. I have a lot of strong (mostly negative) feelings about cisgender people taking it upon themselves to write "realistic/true-to-life transgender narratives" because they always write something horribly caricaturized and stereotyped and offensive... So I'm sure some other people here would be interested to read.

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K T Vaughn (ktvaughn) | 2 comments I agree with you and thus the article (I did read it). I quickly noticed the cisgender authorship of various transgender novels, and that the same authors also wrote about other sociological "problems" by "studying" case histories. I couldn't stand reading them, to be honest. That is why I wrote "my own fantasy" transgender novel (I am not trying to plug it here, though if you read it and comment on it, I would be happy).

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