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Stolen Songbird Read-Along > Extra #5 My bookshelves and their (lack) of organization

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Louisa (lpcoolgirl) | 14 comments My shelves are a bit strange. I first separate them out by favourite authors with more then 5 books that I own, and that takes up 3 shelves. Then I split my YAs into hardcover and softcover, and within that, organized them by publisher alphabetically, and then by author alphabetically, and that takes up 2 huge shelves. I have 1 bookshelf at school, that has the books that I'm meaning to read sorted into small books and then bigger books.

Then there's the 5 boxes of books of random books, my old children's books, and my review copies (That are read) that usually occupy 2 bookshelves, but I recently moved, and I know I'm going to be moving again shortly, and I'm not going to be needing these books, so they're still packed.

All of the bookshelves in my room (the first four) have books stacked on top of them. My family say I have a problem. But it's books!

I haven't gotten rid of books yet, but I have a shelf of them that are duplicates, or are going to be because they aren't in the format that I want them to be in. So I'm thinking of trading them in at a bookstore so I can get books that I don't have!

Plus I just got in my order from Book Outlet (which is a pretty awesome online book store) that was about 52 pounds all together that I sorted into what I've read, and what I haven't, the read stuff to go home, the unread to stay. Of course there's more to read then has been read :)

Yeah, I think that covers my shelves :)

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Janelle Davenport | 4 comments Our bookshelves are a mess:) Mixture of my hubby's and my books, but majority are kid books! I love buying the kids books for holidays and I always buy at the school book fairs. Kids are 19, 14, and 12:) A few years ago hubby bought me a Nook, so most of my books are now e-books. Which is how I discovered you:) Stolen Singbird was on sale and sounded intriguing. This was my first YA and I was hooked!!!

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Hannah | 6 comments My shelves are simple - I organise my books alphabetically according to the author's last name. Then organised chronologically, either in time (such as with gail carriger's books where her first series published occurs in the middle period of time be ween he second and third) or where the books are standalone in order of when I bought them. Maybe it is more complicated then I thought!

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BellaKara | 29 comments I mostly only own ebooks now. Since print books tended to be more expensive , I prefer them anyway, especially with my bad back that makes carrying print books difficult if I want to take them with me. But If you think you have too many books, or your family does. You should take a look at my laptop and e-reader. I counted them out to make certain, I have 20 books shy of 8,000 on my e reader shelve and the e-reader is sorted by author but I also have cathegory shelves where i sort them out, some categories boing just the name of an author if they have 10 books or more like Anne Rice, YA Books, which has a whole lot of books, and so on but all in all I may have spent maybe 300 on all the books since I mostly get them on special or even when they are limitted time give aways, plus some I have won. Thank you Twilight series you're the one that started all of this, which is why I also have that series in print as it was, ironically, a college reading material for advanced literature. I've read more than a 1000 of them and am still trying to get through the rest and yet I keep on getting more, It's an addiction I tell you, thanks dad, you started me on this path, but I good one I think

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