Polar Star (Arkady Renko, #2) Polar Star question

Looking for 1980s book set in USSR
Ellen Clary Ellen Feb 25, 2016 10:50AM
I remember in a book (published early 1980s) where the protagononist's investigation led him to Vladivostok. USSR (at the time). He was sitting by a fire with a bottle of vodka turning it ever so often to keep it relatively warm. Someone appeared, and started talking to him, thus neglecting to turn the bottle. The person he was talking to later decides to drink from the unturned bottle (which is still liquid, but very cold) and falls over dead. Which book is it? I thought it was Martin Cruz Smith's Polar Star (but even though they stop in Vladivostok, this incident doesn't happen). It's not Gorky Park. I checked on Ian Fleming's You only live Twice and it's not there. What other novels have an investigator chasing someone all the way across the USSR? In Polar Star, Arcady was on a ship. This is driving me a little nuts.

I think it was Gorky Park.

It has been a while, but I believe that was Polar Star, a reminiscent scene that was not Arkady but the criminal with the tatoos who helped him.

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