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K.D. Frank (kdfrank) | 3 comments Mother/Daughter authors seeking non-biased readers for our YA/NA Dystopian Fantasy. Conscript's Creed is the first book of a trilogy. Here's a quick synopsis:

Thousands of years ago, a Queen was born of evil and now reigns terror over all the earth, selecting humans each year during the sixth moon to devour and sustain her world. The City of Fairholm is heavily protected and has remained strong, but even with one of the most elite military forces in existence, they cannot survive forever without a miracle.

Joshua Jayr vows to see Queen Sahara and all of Apollyon destroyed. But his father has a secret that could prevent him from doing that. A secret that Joshua must discover soon or it will be the human race that is destroyed. And when young traveler, Rowan Calloway, arrives in Fairholm, the time clock starts ticking down. Joshua must locate the Creed, reveal the Healer, and help save the world before it's too late.

I'm looking for 2 readers that are willing to read for the love of reading and not for monetary purposes. Thank you so much for your consideration!

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Moko | 3 comments Oh, this sounds so interesting! I was planning on only beta-reading one book, but I may have to break that rule for this occasion! I would love to beta read this book. If you'd like to discuss the details, hit me up with a reply.

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K.D. Frank (kdfrank) | 3 comments Moto,

Thank you so much for your interest! Since this posting I've received more beta reader requests than I think we can handle for this round. I was happy to hear you say the book sounds interesting, though! That at least tells me that my synopsis is on the right track. :)

I will keep your name handy and reach out to you for a final read after edits if you're still interested then.

Thank you again!


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