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Theme of Family and Friendship

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message 1: by Danielle (last edited Feb 25, 2016 10:43AM) (new)

Danielle Hill | 30 comments Mod
This is a place for you to discuss how the theme of family and friendship appears in the books you are reading. How do your characters experience the bond of family and/or friendship? Do your characters believe that one is more important than the other? Is one more evident in the book? What does the book think about what is more important: family or friends? What are your personal thoughts? Don't forget to tell us what book you are reading.

message 2: by Jordan (new)

Jordan | 1 comments in my book "that was then,this is now", my main character shows how true his friendship is by letting his best friend stay in his house after his parents passed away. they do everything together from having each others backs and fighting each other to partying and having fun.

message 3: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Lindsay | 3 comments In my book "Where the Truth Lies" Emily Meckler seems to have a perfect life, except for her constant night terrors about fire and rain. When she falls in love with the schools new bad boy, her friendships start to suffer and her parents are keeping secrets from her. Emily actually struggles to decide which relationship is more important and question everything with them. I think Emily favors her relationship with her new boyfriend the most even when he starts bringing out the worst in her.

message 4: by Cedric (new)

Cedric Boston | 2 comments In my book "Percy Jackson the lighting thief" Percy values his friends and family above all else. Percy's mom is a main focus in the book and to Percy him self,he loves his mom as well as his best friend Grover who he has risked his life to save multiple times.

message 5: by Alison (new)

Alison Clous | 3 comments [book:The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God: What Honesty and Pain Taught Us about Faith, Family, and Forgiveness
In "The Good, The Bad, and The Grace of God" you can see family and friendship because the people who wrote the book do a show with their family so it gives them time to bond with family members.

message 6: by Lissandro (new)

Lissandro | 1 comments book is The Contender. it shows family and friends because his family dont want him boxing because he could get hurt but he dont listen to them and still does it. and he mostly has left all his friends with the boxing and now they dont really talk, they arnt as close as they were before. they all went their separate ways and he went to boxing alone.

message 7: by Noah (new)

Noah Baker | 1 comments my book is about being on a high school football team. it talks about how important it is to have friendship. there team is like family.

message 8: by Selina (new)

Selina | 3 comments In the book " Still Alice", Alice has a daughter named Lydia who is very different from the rest of the family. She is rebellious and unlike everyone else she wants to be an actress. Lydia and Alice have their ups and downs but as Alice gets sick and her condition worsens. Lydia soon realizes how important it is for her to stick by her family and help her mom in her time of need.

message 9: by Cameron (new)

Cameron | 3 comments In The Sherlock Holmes stories it shows how much Holmes and Sherlock are different but they later become great friends and they solve a lot of mysteries together.

message 10: by Chinawhite (new)

Chinawhite | 1 comments my book is about being a high school football star and making it out the hood and he had no friends but later becomes great freinds and they solve a lot mysteries together

message 11: by Chris (new)

Chris | 1 comments In "The White Gates" novel it displays the family & friendship theme by having the main character make friends with an unlikely person who ends up having a crush on. The kids at his new school have made rumors about his mom saying she is cursed and its her fault for all the misfortunate happenings taking place in their town.

message 12: by Nick (new)

Nick | 3 comments My book "Messi" uses family and friends to let the reader know how grounded lionel stays throughout his success. They all mention his humility and how he hasn't changed at all.

message 13: by Cameron (new)

Cameron | 3 comments I recently finished a book called "No Safety In Numbers" it was about four teenagers trapped inside of a mall while an unknown contagion is spreading through it and they have to work together with others to survive.

message 14: by Carly (new)

Carly Wilson | 3 comments In my book "Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban", family and friends play a major role. Harry eventually leaves his non-accepting family and eventually meets his friends at Dragon Alley. This shows how to Harry, friends are more important to him than his family.

message 15: by Vasilios (new)

Vasilios Liaskonis | 3 comments In my book "Game of thrones", the theme of family is present throughout the entire reading. The Stark's want to take care of their family just as much as the Lannisters want to take care of their own. They always seem to have their backs for each other. They fight together and try to rule the entire land. They leave nobody they care for alone.

message 16: by Sam (new)

Sam Uberseder | 2 comments In my book "Every shot I take" Davis Love the third had a very close relationship with his father. I relate to this a lot because my dad and I are really close.

message 17: by Brendan (new)

Brendan White | 1 comments In my book: "Game of Thrones", family is a very important theme. The different stories of the book revolve around different families like house Stark, the Lannisters, the Targayeans, and the Baratheons. Each character has a different relationship with each family, including their own, and the whole story is a "game" of who's family will sit upon the Iron Throne.

message 18: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Hartis | 3 comments In my book, "The Last Song", family and friendship are major roles in the book. Ronnie hasn't had her father around since her parents got divorced and now he is finally in her life. Ronnie doesn't really like her father and she chooses hanging out with friends over bonding and trying to get to know her Dad. Back in New York, Ronnie only really trusted her friends and chose to be with them instead of at home. Ronnie's brother, Jonah, is a lot happier now having a father figure in his life and he is really enjoying it. The Last Song

message 19: by Imani (new)

Imani Campbell | 3 comments I am reading "To Kill Mocking Bird", it starts off with the narrator talking about her family and town where she lives. Her older brother, Jem, and she talked about their mother that died when Jem was 5. They now live with their dad, Atticus, and Calpurnia, their African American cook and housekeepe,r After the intro, they meet a new friend, Dill, who tells them about his family and how he will be in their town every summer with his aunt, who is their neighbor.

message 20: by Shawna (new)

Shawna Belle | 3 comments My book, "The Sweeter the Juice", is predominantly about family. The daughter of an African American family wonders about her ancestors and her multiracial heritage. She ultimately travels back 6 generations seeking information about her family as well as herself. For Shirlee, the narrator and author of the novel, to go as far back as when America's history began shows the importance of family to her.

message 21: by Teondre (new)

Teondre | 1 comments My book is called "the giver" by Lois Lowry and I see this theme in the book because it starts off with the introduction of the protagonist, Jonas, and his family and it shows how important they are to him and his friend Asher aswell.

message 22: by Carledward (new)

Carledward Russell | 3 comments In my book, "Night Hoops", it tells the story of an unlikely friendship between two high school basketball players. Trent, a troubled teen is befriended by Nick, who is a benchwarmer turned star basketball player. Nick never lost hope in Trent and eventually made Trent come around and led the team to the state championship. Their friendship shows that no matter a person's story, it's never to late to turn it around.

message 23: by Megan (new)

Megan Whitaker | 2 comments I am still reading after you by jojo moyes
When Lily comes to stay with Lou they become friends. Through Lou Lily discovers a whole new life she never knew she had. When Lily gets into trouble Lou is willing to leave everything behind to help her fix something bad that happened to her. And through this they instantly become closer.

message 24: by Vasilios (new)

Vasilios Liaskonis | 3 comments In my book, " Game of Thrones" family and friends is the most important thing to have in order to survive in the realm. Ned Stark is great friends with Robert Baratheon, and he doesn't want to lose that friendship because if he did there would be an all out war. Also, Robert is married into the Lannisters which means that they are an Alliance and could really demolish the North if they wanted. If you have a lot of friends, you should be well off in this book.

message 25: by Joselyn (new)

Joselyn Arthur | 2 comments I am reading the book Gossip Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar. Serena van der Woodsen is one of the main characters who leaves her family and friends for a few years to travel to London. When she returns she wants all of her relationships with her friends and family to go back to normal and she is trying to do everything to make that happen. She has missed her best friend Blair so much but she will definietly have to try her hardest to win their friendship back.

message 26: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Cummings | 4 comments In the book i just finished, Genuine Lies, the theme of family and friendship is present. The main character is invited to the home of a celebrity so she can write the biography of the celebrity. Throughout the story, the two women become very close, especially because of the threatening notes they both receive. The celebrity confesses to the main character that they are related by family and then the next day the celebrity is murdered. The main character is the main suspect.

message 27: by Sydney (new)

Sydney Pecoul | 5 comments On Little WingsRegina Sirois

I just finished reading On Little Wings by Regina Sirois, and the book heavily focuses on the important ties family and family friends have on a person. In the book, Jennifer must convince her mother to do the impossible and swallow her pride, or risk losing a part of herself due to her mother's prideful soul.

message 28: by Skylar (new)

Skylar Holden-Bache | 4 comments Charlie relies on his friends to help overcome his social issues and depression. Charlie was previously depressed due to his aunt Hellen's passing, and he was able to become a happier person. His friends were three years older than him, so when they graduated Charlie fell back into depression and it emphasizes the impact family and friends had on him.

message 29: by Ally (new)

Ally Perkins | 3 comments The Dead

Friendship is very important to certain characters in this book. Ed and Jack had a very strong friendship, and when Jack was dying, Ed did everything he could to make him comfortable. He stayed with him to the very end.

message 30: by Savannah (new)

Savannah Adams | 4 comments In Gossip Girl the theme of family and friendship is strong. Blair loves her family but she also hates them right now. Her mom is about to get married to a guy she hates but she will overlook it because she loves her mother. Her all time best friend Serena is going to be a brides maid and she hates her right now. She is going to have to be nice to Serena and maybe they will be friends after the wedding.

message 31: by Jacob (new)

Jacob | 2 comments The Boston Breakout
I think that this book is fantastic! it makes you feel like you are out there on the ice playing hockey with them. This book is about a young hockey team full of friends that think of themselves as family. They put forth hard work to win games and they are trying to with the Hockey tournament that they have entered. They are very competitive and love the sport that they play. At the point that I am at the team is feeling down after a major loss but as a team they are bringing themselves back together to work harder so it doesn't happen again.

message 32: by Tia (new)

Tia McMillian | 3 comments "the fault in our stars" Hazel is going through a change to get out the house and watching Tv all day in her room. Meets this boy Augustus Waters and they become really great friends from a club call the support group and she gets out the house more and hangs out way more often. They are planning on going to the Amsterdam.

message 33: by Kaylin (new)

Kaylin Brummitt | 3 comments I just finished Percy Jackson The lightning thief and the entirety of the book had a lot to do with friends and family, and who it is that worth fighting for. Percy looses his mom in the beginning and throughout the book is with his friends who are each trying to help each other follow through on their quest. They each have to make important sacrifices for one another like deciding who was going to use a pearl to leave the underworld. The story has a great display of true friendship and love of family members.

message 34: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Bohlmann | 3 comments In "Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets", Harry does not have a very good relationship with his adoptive family; however, his friendships with Ron and Hermoine are what get him through all of the things that he endures and overall are what keep his happiness alive.

message 35: by Heba (new)

Heba Akhtar | 3 comments Sarah Ockler's "Fixing Delilah" follows Delilah Hannaford as she learns the true importance of family and uncovers her family's secrets. Regarding the fight that split the family apart, the truth about her father, and the unexpected death of her aunt Stephanie. This story is a perfect example how "Family. It's not always a perfect fit."

message 36: by Michaela (new)

Michaela Scott | 3 comments In my book, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", Harry learns of a former friend of his parents who betrayed them. He has to make a decision about them. He also meets another friend of his parents and goes to save them.

message 37: by Teondre (new)

Teondre | 1 comments In my book the theme of Family and friendship takes place because through out the book the three siblings stick together though out everything they've been through. The book is " a Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket. As the Baudeliars try to escape the clutches of Count Olaf, they learn that they are all they have, and need to depend on one another.

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