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message 1: by Barbara (last edited Feb 26, 2016 07:19AM) (new)

Barbara Kincaid | 2 comments When Breath Becomes Air. I love this book. Literature informs science. Science informs philosophy and religion. And the author builds an impressive, though shortened, life. A stunning book...

message 2: by Stan (new)

Stan | 1 comments "Blessed be me There is a God" is not a religious treatment but more a historical treatment involving angelical encounters of all types. My Grandfather on his dying bed asked me to pray and he would be my guardian angel. There are 28 episodes related to the books and I am enlisting one example. In 1956 I cam down with polio in an era when there was no medication. I woke up in the hospital half paralyzed. Upon realization I concluded that I would kill myself if there was no improvement. At that moment a massive wind passed through the window and a female doctor walked into the room. She said " I understand you have a problem" and I pondered "how does she know". if any event after a swift examination she said "you will be alright" and departed. As she departed the regular nurse entered and I asked her "who is that female doctor that just passed you". She responded "We have no female doctors in this hospital". Two or three days later I departed totally cured.

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