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QUESTIONS (includes spoilers)

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Dominus~ PREPPY IS ALIVE RIGHT? IT WAS HIM RIGHT? HAHAHA I just want to clarify

And anyone knows any news if she's writing Preppy's story next?! AND WHEN?!

AND RAGE. Anyone ships her with Preppy now? Because I could see it, hahaha. It'll be a blast!

Djana Cajic Yeahhh Preppy thaaa mannnn. I soo agree and I sosososo see him with Rage :D

Amanda What are u talking about? What did I miss?

Dominus~ Amanda wrote: "What are u talking about? What did I miss?"

The guy at the end? :O

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Yesss, Preppy is alive , and i hope T.M.Frazier writes a book about him !!!!

Selene I smiled for DAYS on end when Prep arose from the dead! TM Frazier blew me away! The ending of Soulless was perfect! I just hate waiting around for the next round of books :(

Shoshana I can absolutely see Prep and Rage getting together. Although, that may be for the simple fact that i would LOVE to read a book solely based on Preppy. Even after Preppy was "killed" i always looked forward to the parts of the book where everyone was hearing his voice. He is such a unique character.

Tiffany Rage is getting her own book which is to be released in May

I also hope for a book from Preppy.

Dominus~ Tiffany wrote: "Rage is getting her own book which is to be released in May

I also hope for a book from Preppy."

Oh man, then that means there won't be a Preppy and Rage happening. :'(

Romance Between The Sheets I know I had tears in my eyes when I realised they dragged Preppy out of the cellar - I could not come to terms with the fact Preppy was gone. This is such a great series.

Bianka Can someone please tell me that there will be a Preppy book?
WTH!!! Frazier, please give us Preppy! He must have a story! he's the coolest MF in the group ☺ Yes i know King & Bear are Sexy and Bad Asses (God i love the), but Preppy? Man! i always had a smile on my face and wet myself lol when he had a peace on any of the series . So please... give us Preppy ☺

Juana I screamed, I cried, Frazier you wonderful, horrible, loveable, wretched cliffhanger making women! And yes I missed that m***** f**** ALOT!

Tiffany We all got our wish because on Oct. 25, 2016

Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One

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