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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. romance novel man can turn into otter the girl is a mail order bride. [s]

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Maureen (maureenaybarra) | 4 comments I remember reading this book in high school I know its about a woman that has freckles and wants to get away from her family or her family died so she answers a letter to be a bride in new England in about early 1800's I think. Its located at a lighthouse and the mans secret is that he can shapeshift in some way into a otter I think. It sounds super weird and I can remember a lot of little details but not the title.

message 2: by Meredith (new)

Meredith (mcgraced) | 81 comments He'd be in the category of Selkie. Might help as a search term.

Britney (BookDrunkSloth) (bookdrunksloth) | 51 comments You said you read this in high school. What year or range of years would that be in? Also, do you remember if it was a YA book or an adult romance?

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Maureen (maureenaybarra) | 4 comments It was a adult romance I read it in 1999 or 2000 but I think it was older. I remember when she is on her way to meet him on his lonely island she is ashamed that she has freckles so she puts makeup on really thick but there is no mirror and so she does not realize that she looks messed up and he gives her a funny look but doesn't comment. Later when they are digging a hole for some reason she notices that he has freckles on his back and she doesn't feel self conscious anymore. I think there is something about him never wanting to where shoes because of his strange heritage and when they go into town there are a lot of weird rumors and she thinks he does not love him but then she finds out that when she first got there that he had made a bridal wreath over the door so he was trying to welcome her in the best way he knew how. I don't remember how the whole otter thing came into play but he disappeared one night and came back soaking wet or something, it was sort of random and just thrown in there for a since of mystery and the town folk don't like him. It was just a sweet story nothing too exciting that I can remember just two people learning to love on a little island with a lighthouse. Cant remember anything about the tittle or the cover. I trying to remember if she gets kidnapped and he saves her in the water but that could be from something else.

MB (What she read) | 136 comments Take a look at Savage Tides by Margaret Mayer Holmes. It looks like it may have the plot you describe.

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Kris | 30979 comments Mod
Good find, MB!

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6990 comments Mod
Savage Tides for the click for MB's suggestion.

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Maureen (maureenaybarra) | 4 comments This is it! I wasn't sure if this would work because it was so random and long ago I might try to find some others that I read as a kid. Thank you so much.

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