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message 1: by C.B. Matson (new)

C.B. Matson Just what it says… Respond to this thread, let us know who you are, and welcome, welcome, welcome.

message 2: by Mike, Vor Dweeb (new)

Mike Voss | 60 comments Mod
My name is Mike Voss, and I am a Foreworld addict. Okay, maybe that's a harsh word with pejorative connotations. Feel free to substitute 'fanatic'. Well, okay, pejorative again. Whatever the appropriate adjective really is, it boils down to this: I love the Foreworld like you love your X-Box (or equivalent). I love it like you love Agents of SHIELD. I love it like you Star Wars or Star Trek. Whatever it is you love like an addict/fanatic/geek/etc, that describes my relationship with this idea and the various prose and graphic implementations that make up the canonical Foreworld as published by 47North and Jet City Comics, as well as a large number of the Kindle Worlds fan-written stories.

Interestingly, I didn't grab hold of the Foreworld and it's ideas so fiercely upon my first encounter - reading an e-book of The Mongoliad Book One that came up as a Kindle daily deal for a buck. My immersion into that first novel was slow going. I wasn't taken by the characters, the ideas, or anything else right away, nor can I tell you the exact moment it did click for me - probably within the first third of the novel. But it did click - loudly! - and after that there was no turning back, as I devoured the rest of the Mongoliad, and all of the Sidequests published to that point, picking up Katabasis, Seige Perilous, and the last couple of Sidequests as they were published. While I was chomping on all of that, I added the first ten Kindle Worlds stories, some of which had their origins in a free/for pay forum I only learned about after it shut down, where the original concept was published while it was being written by the authors whose names you see on the Mongoliad novels. There was, however, a new forum set up for fans, and after joining I found myself, along with the other Moderators of this forum, one of the more frequent posters there. Eventually, this Goodreads forum evolved as a way to increase the visibility of the Foreworld, reach more fans, and create even more fans - and hopefully new contributors to the series through Kindle Worlds.

My reading interests cross a continuum from fantasy through science fiction, and I've been known to read as many as 100 books in a year, although I've been setting my Goodreads Reading Challenge number at just half that to better accomodate writing time - I'm the only Mod here who has not published a Foreworld story yet. More on that closer to the time it hits the Kindle Worlds platform, hopefully soon.

My television and movie viewing also skews to genre offerings from an early age. The late night/early morning viewings of black and white tv (I'm old, you see) formed the seeds of a later science fiction reading and viewing habit, and probably the seeds of my frequent imsomnia as well.

Musically I skew towards classic rock, with a Bruce Springsteen addiction that predates and wholly overwhelms my Foreworld habit. Better leave it at that :-)

To return to the Foreworld, my growing interest in the series and the ideas that make it unique within the historical fiction genre led me to acquire all of the available paperback and hardback editions, as well as all of the audiobooks that were a staple of the original trans-media concept envisioned by Neal Stephenson and Mark Teppo. There were TV and movie implementations planned as well, but Hollywood is a hard sell and would rather back another [insert franchise here] sequel than an inventive new concept. And speaking of inventive, the original implementation of The Mongoliad included a phone app! I missed out on discovering the series earlier simply because I didn't own a cell phone!

So that's more than you wanted to know all at once, I'm sure. I tend to be longwinded, which has the downside of...well, longwinded...but the upside that I try to thoroughly cover a topic, so when you ask questions around here, I hope to be offering detailed - and hopefully helpful - answers.

I did think about playing a joke on my fellow Mods and posting a Twitteresque self-intro, but we need them here fully intact, not with their heads exploded. (Yeah, Cronenberg suits my tastes as well ).

See you in the Foreworld!

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael Lussier | 22 comments Mod
My name is Michael and I am the luckiest nerd in the world.

The first installment of The Mongoliad appeared on 1 September 2010. It was, at that time, a hyperlinked epic distributed in serial form through iOS and Android apps. I was incredibly excited by this transmedia experiment, which I thought about in terms of Jorge Luis Borges’s "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius." It all worked for me. I was enchanted by the brilliance of the story, the sweep and span of the Foreworld concept, the immediacy and inclusiveness of the delivery.

In January of 2011, Tony Wolf invited me to join the brainstorming group for a Foreworld serial tentatively called “Steam Knights” or SSP7 (Subutai Secret Project Seven). I got to spend several glorious months in the (sporadic) online company of people I greatly admire, watching and learning from them. Although the original concept of SSP7 was abandoned in the wake of the 47North deal, Tony used some of the elements he created for “Steam Knights” in “Suffrajitsu: Mrs. Pankhurst’s Amazons.”

Since that time I’ve become a genuine Foreworld fanatic. I’ve read many of the Sidequests, Jet City Comics and Kindle World stories (although not nearly as many as Mike Voss, I suspect). My favorites so far are C. B. Matson’s fantastic “The Broken Sky,” Mark Teppo's “Lion in Chains” and “The Beast of Calatrava,” M. Harold Page’s “Marshal versus the Assassins,” Scott James Magner’s “Blood and Ashes,” and, of course, “Suffrajitsu.”

I am currently working on three Foreworld stories - all of them set in the Edwardian age, I’m not at all certain how many of these I will be able to finish. I move with the grace and speed of a tortoise, even in the best of times.

message 4: by Mike, Vor Dweeb (new)

Mike Voss | 60 comments Mod
"I move with the grace and speed of a tortoise, even in the best of times."

This might not be the best time to mention I'm in the middle of a nearly complete rewrite of Chapter 1 of Crux Passages. Seems the first act of my protagonist in that chapter was wholly unrealistic,, and it took me this long to admit it :-) I'll be trying to break down those kinds of barriers as I complete and revise the story, so slower going than I thought, again (and editing is hard!)

message 5: by Mark, Canon Nerd (new)

Mark Teppo (markteppo) | 12 comments Mod
I'm Mark. I was Canon Master and head writer during the first phase of the Foreworld stories. You can find my name on many of the early books. I've now graduated to the status of "Wizened Old Dude Who Hangs Out On the Mountaintop."

message 6: by Michael (new)

Michael Lussier | 22 comments Mod
I am now picturing the Hermit from the inside sleeve of Led Zeppelin's ZOSO in a bunny suit.

message 7: by Mark, Canon Nerd (new)

Mark Teppo (markteppo) | 12 comments Mod
On one hand, I'm sorry you have that image in your brain now. On the other, that's probably not far from the truth.

message 8: by C.B. Matson (new)

C.B. Matson Foreworlds Forum readers may know me as morphinedrip, or morf, a name I picked after thinking for all of about 8.73 seconds… one of my longer deliberations. I used the verb-addict persona for awhile 'cause I can kinda relate. Now and again, I still don his style like some virtual cos-play, and write as morf. However, in the interim, I have morphed (the verb, not the addict) into C.B. Matson, the try’n to be, by Crom gonna be novelist. I have a website and a Kindle Worlds book out there, another to come soon and a third that’s in outline form (think 2017).

The rest of the time I’m disguised as a rude-mannered port consultant, or cloistered in my (not so) secret laboratory fixing toasters and installing handrails on the back steps (Bwaa-ha-ha!). I enjoy killing fish and eating them too. I have a wife and a dog, both of whom tolerate me most of the time... especially when I fix toasters or share fish.

message 9: by Tony (new)

Tony Wolf | 2 comments I'm Tony and I was honored to be asked to write the "Suffrajitsu" graphic novel trilogy, which was published in ebook form during early 2015 and later anthologized in print, along with "The Dead God" and "Symposium", in "Blood and Honor: The Foreworld Saga Graphic Novels".

I also organized a project that resulted in four other writers producing novellas and short stories set in the Suffrajitsu milieu, which were published via Amazon's Kindle Worlds platform.

message 10: by C.B. Matson (new)

C.B. Matson Hey, Tony... glad to see you've migrated this way. The Suffrajitsu story arc has been an excellent branching of the Foreworld universe.

message 11: by Michael (new)

Michael Lussier | 22 comments Mod
Hello and welcome, Tony. Its great to see you here.

I should mention that I'm one of the four KW writers who benefitted greatly from Tony's editorial guidance and hoplological expertise.

I’m currently working on three stories set in and around the Suffrajitsu milieu. The first two tales concern Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton and assorted members of the Kernoozer’s Club. The third takes place in 1911 and features Persephone Wright and Judith Lee.

message 12: by M.L. (new)

M.L. M. L. here. I just saw a post about this group in another group. I read the first book by Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, and more authors, and really enjoyed it. I am not familiar with KW, but interested in learning more about it.

message 13: by Michael (new)

Michael Lussier | 22 comments Mod
Hello and welcome, M. L.

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