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message 1: by Leo (new)

Leo deSouza (leodesouza) Does anyone here know this article? It is about cheap advertising.

It seems to be genuine, given that the comments below include some warnings.

Anyone tried the listed sites?

message 2: by Blair (last edited Feb 25, 2016 06:53AM) (new)

Blair Howard | 1 comments It seems to be out of date with its pricing. ENT does not take 25% of sales. They charge a flat fee depending on genre. The last time I looked, BookBub charges almost $1,000 for mysteries - $700 plus just for the U.S. Pixels have not been accepting promos for a long time.

message 3: by Miss (new)

Miss Mae | 1 comments I use an indie promotion group and they work diligently. They don't promo on TV or magazines, but are strictly internet promoters. They use FB, Pinterest, Twitter, lots of other sites and they are extremely affordable. (I pray $50 a year for all my books)

I tried an "advertising" group and paid $700 for 6 months. Waste of money.

But Carter Novels delivers for the small bucks. If interested, you can go here: (I'm not a paid worker for them, just an indie author who seeks help getting the word out about my books, but I don't mind if you refer my name :) )

message 4: by Paul (new)

Paul West (pauwwest) | 14 comments Carter Books sounds great. Will they work with small traditional publishers?

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