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My Top Five Books (novels) *today*

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message 1: by Yusuf (new)

Yusuf Toropov (BrandonToropov) | 6 comments 1. Les Miserables, Victor Hugo (a wonder akin to the Sistine Chapel or the Great Wall of China)

2. Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov (I'm assuming I should only assign an author one book in such a list as this, and this one is the most amazing and world-shifting of the bunch)

3, Possession, A.S, Byatt (in which love of the written word becomes an obsession across time and space)

4. Fathers and Sons, Turgenev (character-driven template for countless great novels to come)

5.1 Breathing Lessons, Anne Tyler (though any number of Tyler novels probably deserve a slot)

5.1 Slaughterhouse-Five, Kurt Vonnegut (because it changed my universe, and yes, I get to have a tie for fifth place)

message 2: by Safie (new)

Safie (safiemf) | 7 comments Mod
Great list. You remind me that I have revisit the Turgenev novel. It stunned me when I was about 17. And at some point, I will need to find the time to finish Les Miserables.

message 3: by Yusuf (new)

Yusuf Toropov (BrandonToropov) | 6 comments It's an astonishing achievement, LES MIS.

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