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Man and woman combined.

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message 1: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie | 21 comments I read the descriptions. The grammar and sentence structure was poorly done. I wouldn't purchase it even for free for that reason. The narrative of the plot made little sense.

message 2: by Kelly (last edited Mar 13, 2016 04:08PM) (new)

Kelly Johnson | 11 comments Shri wrote: ""

Shri, I agree with Lizzie; however, I also recognize English is not your first language. That said, I can appreciate the premise of your book, as "broken English" is my third language (lol). I probably shouldn't have taken the time to do this, but since time has moved up an hour here in the US and the weather feels good, take this and update your description:

"What if one's fate was dictated, by an aliens; and those aliens were gods one believed in? Then what would happen if the gods were realized to be false?

Alien Challenge tells of Tarians, technological advance beings, that often come to Earth as gods. Blending into the population, they twist the fate of people for fun—and for pleasure. On one such "vacation", [alien main character(s)] is discovered and captured, and now all of Tara, the home world, must save him [or her]. As punishment for the misgiving toward a god, the moon is set on a collision path with Earth, causing global devastation. Even more, the Tarians enslave a handful of humans to be kept on Tara.

However, one girl—[her name here]—escapes as she and others are being transported, and together they commandeer the Tarian vessel and set out to save Earth by using Tarian technology to destroy the gods—for good—to allow humanity to dictate its own fate."

Hope this helps.

Also, I do have one question: From the sample passage on Amazon, why is some text red? Is that significant in India?

Then based on the topic of this post, "Man and woman combined", does the alien male and human female join together to save Earth?

Kind regards.

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