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Vampire Academy or Bloodlines?

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message 1: by Ken (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ken Although Vampire Academy is more popular than Bloodlines, I liked Bloodlines better personally.
I thought it had a lot more logic behind the plot and romance. Where in Vampire Academy, Rose is not a very likeable character, at least to me, she got Sydney in trouble, used Adrain for some crappy thing, and managed to make a lot of terrible decisions.
I want to know what you guys think.

message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy I am in the same boat here in that I, personally, prefer Bloodlines to Vampire Academy. This is mostly because I can relate more to Sydney than I could to Rose, although I would hesitate to say she is an 'un-likeable character'. I think she is likeable enough, I'm just not very similar to her so I didn't always agree with all of the decisions she made - for example, dating Adrian when still in love with Dimitri. I agree that she got a lot of the people around her into trouble and danger, and it did seem like at times she was using them (like poor Eddie), but I would argue that Sydney regularly does this too (with Trey and Eddie and, at times, Adrian - though he's not exactly against being used by her ;) ).
I think both plots are interesting and engaging, and so far as any fantasy style plot can be, logical. But I do like the Bloodlines one more. I think it just feels broader and more important than the VA story. People are free to argue against that if they wish haha I just think that while protecting your best friend is definitely important, it's maybe not as important to the world as protecting all humans, moroi and dhampirs from being manipulated and put in danger (maybe) by some crazy religious group. That's not to say Rose didn't protect people other than Lissa (like from strigoi and stuff) but she was always the main focus, and protecting her was always what Rose thought her life's purpose was. I think I just like that Sydney is about protecting everyone, and she is willing at times to be helped by her friends in that goal (I so hope Eddie and Trey and Jill and the gang are gonna do some ass kicking in Silver Shadows).
I am also interested in what other people think about this, and why?

message 3: by Bianca (last edited Apr 29, 2014 11:29PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Bianca I agree! I prefer Bloodlines for many reasons - the most obvious being Adrian (because it is seriously hard not to fall in love with him). I found Rose to be really brash. She was selfish and arrogant and although I enjoyed her story, her character just wasn't as relatable as Sydney. Sydney is not only relatable, but she's the kind of heroine we'd all love to be, the kind we'd follow into the depths of Hell. A lot of VA focused around either Lissa or Dimitri (and Rose's feelings/views/opinions of Lissa and Dimitri) and while that isn't necessarily a bad thing, it sometimes got a little tedious to read. In Bloodlines, the subplots are woven through the story better. They feel more real, like natural progressions of the main story as opposed to feeling like they're just subplots.
Sydney annoys me too, don't get me wrong, but her character development feels so natural. I think what I like best about Bloodlines is I can understand Sydney. Rose never made much sense to me but unlike Jill and Adrian, I never cared enough about her to try and understand her.

Plus VA was about three books too long.

message 4: by Nikita (last edited Apr 30, 2014 06:59AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nikita For me it's hard to choose between them because I love them both. Both have strong female characters, great plots, both exciting and both have a romance that made me melt.

Veronica VA. VA story is original. I love rose and she has flaws that makes sense and she is kick ass.
while bloodlines story is only derived and has less depth i still like it because sydney is an intellectual. we don't come across many sydneys without them being wimpy or wussy.
actually i will read anything ms Mead writes as she has used the two most sought for qualities in a female lead.

Ingo Bloodlines / Sydney all the way. But I liked VA a lot, and would not have read Bloodlines without it. Rose is a bit single-mindedly, and makes rash decisions without thinking too much about them. In that way she was very real but I could not understand her always or relate to it. But it fits with her job of protecting people and her flaws make her more real as person. Still wondering how the movie will turn out. Blu-ray is preordered.

Sydney is more complex and thinks about her decisions, sometimes too long. But as a character I can understand her better and relate to her than Rose. Also I think this series would also be a good movie-series, but that might be dependent on the turn-out (financially) of the VA-Movie.
I started with the Dark Swan series, but took a longer pause with the beginning of the second book, currently I am reading other books while waiting for the next Bloodlines Book and I am not sure I will read Meads books (Age of X-series/Succubus-series) anytime soon. Maybe when I finish the Dark Swan-series - whenever that will be.

Sarah Although I love both Bloodlines and VA, I personally like VA better. I'm nothing like Rose, but I admire her because of her bravery. Also, she's really dedicated to being a guardian and protecting Lissa. In general, Rose's voice is funnier to read and more captivating, although I've grown to like Sydney's POV as well. I also love almost all the characters in VA, but I found Jill really annoying in the 1st Bloodlines book. But I'm still really excited for Silver Shadows to come out!!!!!!!

Veronica Compared to VA Bloodlines has very thin plot. lets face it, ppl love it because adrian gets his girl. action part is weak. there is more romance, not that i dislike it. i was rooting for it.
many say rose is selfish and she leaves mass destruction in her wake, she can either become a fearless guardian loyal to her assignment or become a blood whore.
she does not possess healing powers to turn all strigoi to good guys. her job description puts her in situations she is unable to cut the losses or coax/use eddie to become her partner in crime.
sydney thinks through because she has time and never in a situation to guard someone else's life. besides she is a stretegist while Rose is the warrior.

Lucía Martínez Bloodlines

message 10: by Christina O. (last edited May 10, 2014 02:57PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Christina O. I really love them both, but I feel like the main plot in each Bloodlines book is almost just thrown in as an after thought because the real story is about showing Sydney's character development and the progression of her relationship with Adrian. It could be because Bloodlines in more character driven, there's nothing wrong with that. The lack of plot was worse in Fiery Heart which is why it's my least favorite
Overall Vampire Academy is my favorite, but it's a close call because they are both so amazing.

message 11: by Khione (new) - added it


Pegs099 I must be among the few i guess who started reading bloodlines first and then the vampire academy...till i read the last book so far published i had no idea that it was a "sequel" to VA... so i vote for Bloodlines cos well it is unique <3

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