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The Dirt on Ninth Grave > Chapter 11- I was dropped as a baby. Into a pool of awesomeness and badassery.

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message 1: by Lisa Hoang (new)

Lisa Hoang (theconsummatereader) | 47 comments Mod
"Janey's" powers of stopping time, of course, worked precisely at the right moment. I loved her small moment with Reyes. Uber romantic. <3

message 2: by Vicki (new)

Vicki (vicki_lp) | 217 comments Mod
"I've loved you for a thousand years" Aaaah, one of my favorite moments in the book! And "I've loved you for a thousand and one" Oh Reyes <3

The scene with Lewis and Shayla was so great. Finally! Finally he sees her.

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