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I Heart You, You Haunt Me
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I heart you, you haunt me

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Sabrina Buhler (buhlersawsdstudentnet) | 8 comments Category: verse novel
Dates Read: Feb. 15- 23

Summary: It is about a young girl losing her boyfriend and she feels like it is all her fault that are in love died on that fateful day. She is full of guilt and all she wants to do is bring her boyfriend Jackson back to her. When she gets home she is depressed until she feels a cold burst of air, looks in the mirror and their he is standing right behind her she looks away and he is gone. He is there for a purpose he hasn't accomplished something before he died before he can move on she has to let go of him and the gilt weighing upon her.

Reflection: I thought this book was really good you were right there with her the whole time. You could understand what was going threw her mind and all the things that she didn't know how to take. It is like you are in her thoughts the whole entire time. It give great detail of all the things going on around her and how she feels about it. It is a forbidden love between the two but they both know they can't go any further with their relationship but they both don't want to let go. I think it is just such a sweet story between the two. I just ate it up until the very end.

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Selja | 8 comments Selja Chaudhari

Category: Verse Novel

Ratings: *****

Dates Read: 02/19 - 02/21

Summary: In this book, Ava is 15 years old and she is so in love with a boy named Jackson. She thinks he is the one that she will spend the rest of her life with. This is until one day 3 words and a tragic accident changed her life completely. This is not something you would see in your everyday life. This caused Ava to never be the same again. Find out what happened between these two young lovers.

Personal Reaction: I really liked this book because it is not like normal books. It is written in poetry style, and it shows the feelings of a 15 year old girl. I can make connections to this book because that’s how old I am. It shows how it feels to lose someone you truly love. The emotions are really powerful in this book. You can really feel them as a reader. I recommend this book to those who really like romance stuff.

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