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message 1: by notyourfriend, «Let the Quizzes Begin!» (new)

kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 91 comments You Are a Limerick

It may seem simple to be so clever
But writing you is quite an endeavor
You are known to be a bit naughty
But no one would consider you haughty
And people will talk about you forever

message 3: by notyourfriend, «Let the Quizzes Begin!» (new)

notyourfriend (amemori) | 1599 comments Mod
You Are a Couplet

You're not much for words, so you write a little ditty.
It might not be a novel, but at least it is witty.

message 4: by Ciayrra (new)

Ciayrra The Scorpion Flower | 930 comments Mod
You Are a Sonnet
There's no way we would write a whole sonnet for you
So you'll have to just believe that our love is true

You are a romantic at heart with a beautiful spirit
You should embrace who you are and never fear it

message 5: by Sidney (new)

Sidney | 2357 comments Mod
You Are a Couplet

message 6: by Cas ❦, Lady_Paranormal (new)

Cas ❦ (rowangalathynius) | 1778 comments Mod
You Are Free Verse

Inspired, devoted
to the pure expression
any constrictions.
Rhymes bind.
Grammar kills.

Thats me alright.

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