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message 1: by Christina (new)

Christina Smith (cnsmithauthor1) | 21 comments Firstly, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on my book trailer.

Let me have it too sad? Too long? Wrong song? What does it make you feel? Good message?

Visit this link:

You will see the large video with the RIGHT FACING triangle symbolizing the "play" function right when you land on the page, under "Author Updates"

Thank you all in advance for your constructive feedback.


message 2: by Wally (new)

Wally Runnels (wrunnelspacbellnet) | 90 comments Hi Christina,

Let me say that your idea is great. It got the point of the book across. It might be little long. But I would not do any changes. It's a very reflective spot and maybe the pace helps the reflections. It's and it's sad. How did writing the book help you? This might be a second trailer.

message 3: by Christina (new)

Christina Smith (cnsmithauthor1) | 21 comments Wally, thank you for your feedback. I was wondering if the trailer was sad and sounds like it is! LOL. But "reflective" that's good. I like "reflective" because that was and is intended.

Writing the book helped me in a way that was cathartic. Once I was finally able to find the best words to explain an absentee father to my son in a truly compassionate way, I felt a sense of relief. It also allowed me to learn and grow and I can clearly see it's helping my son to learn and grow too.

Thanks again for taking your time to assist me Wally. It is truly appreciated!


message 4: by Wally (new)

Wally Runnels (wrunnelspacbellnet) | 90 comments Glad to be helpful. The second book might be a cathartic reveal.
Best to you and keep going.

message 5: by Abhik (new)

Abhik Chatterjee (abhik_chatters) | 27 comments Hello Christina,

I just watched the trailer and wanted to let you know that three things work for it:
- Simple and effective messaging
- Relevant illustrations
- The right music
Overall, it conveys what you are trying to put across.
All the very best :)

message 6: by Christina (new)

Christina Smith (cnsmithauthor1) | 21 comments Thank you for your feedback Abhik~

Thank you for your time...really.

Best to you too~


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